17 Jul 2007


i explored my Friendster friends list.
i just realize that i've lost contact with a lot of my dearest friend.
studying far from hometown makes me grow a lil apart from most of them especially my ex-scoolmates (SABIAN 98-02).
i miss them a lot.
i miss the memories we had back in SAB.
krs and the "kawad" things.
all the"adik abg kakak angkat" things.
the secret admirer, the letters and request things.
tragedi sekolah terbakar.
mc'd-hang out with the "kita-kita" ppl.
the girls hang out at aira's watching ada apa dgn cinta.
lots of name appear in my mind
myto the boria singer with the tomok.
nanim with her one n only emmet.
naqi, a friend, a bestfriend and a brother.
eda the meow.....
sha my fren since primary 4.
anwar who have crush on most of SAB beautiful girls.
aira with her "paru-paru yang meradang".
ainol and nad, our teddy bears.
mape the LawaKing.
hanie and fadil, the best of friends
eza the clever.
and mostly miss..
arwah hafiz
the one and only.

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