16 Dis 2007

Our Sunday

today is sunday. sunday is supposed to be an outing day, isnt it? hehe... so, last nite we planned to go to Sunway Carnival but today we changed our destination and went to Penang, Gurney Plaza. i still think that Gurney is the best place to hang out. even Queensbay is way bigger, i still dont like it as much as i like Gurney, of course because i am too lazy to walk from one end to the other end yang sgt jauh itu.

the first thing that we did when we arrived there were went upstairs straight to the cinema like always. enchanted full. golden compass full. ape la semua org pun nak dtg hari ni. at last we bought tickets for anak halal. hopefully the movie will not dissappoint me.

since we haven't take our luch yet ( it's already 3.30 pm! ), we went down to the groundfloor to look for anything good for the late-lunch. and i saw TweetyBird, PussyCat, and some more Looney Tunes cartoons on the middle stage. Comel nye..... it was a photography session with the cartoons. I asked B to go nearer to the stage to snap some photos. And B said, "jangan kate nak naik atas stage to amek gambar sudah." huhu.. cam tau2 jer. =p

then, we moved on to continue looking for what to eat. B was like, "ape kate kite makan a&w, urm..nando's pun cam sedap. tapi, sushi pun ok gak kan." OMG! i am hungry,man! decide-lah cepat! and we finally decided for SushiKing.. yay!!

B's Seafood set

My Salmon Steak Set

Hot Green Tea

went back to level 7 for the movie. anak halal? urm... not as i expected. Farid Kamil was ok. ZulHuzaimi's acting reminds me a lot of him in Remp-it. macam stereotype pulak. it's nice to see Maya Karin without lots of make-up and beautiful dresses. she is still beauty in her way. Fasha Sanda was very sexy and quite daring. other than that, no comment.

it was raining when we started our way back and went raining cats & dogs when we reached the bridge. B drove slowly as i reminded him to like every 10 minutes. huhu... after the bridge at the juction between to Juru/Ipoh and to Butterworth/Alor Setar, the was a Myvi driving on our left. the driver drove very fast that the water on the road splashed on our car windscreen that we couldnt even see the road. i was so scared that anything could happen to the car and us. damn that Myvi driver!

oh, i bought myself a pair of Mickey's jeans from World of Cartoons and pair of shirt & pants for baby Harris.

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