1 Jul 2013

"Tulang Yee dah hancur..."

Last Friday evening, my cousin Kak Lina updated her status on FB that she was at HUKM sending her daughter Nurin. After few comments and chatting via WeChat, I found out that Nurin broke her hand earlier in the afternoon. Kak Lina said that they were still waiting for the results from the doctor.

Later that night I talk to Nurin on the phone. She was surprisingly not so sad, but happily telling me the story on how she got her hand broken. Apparently, she was excitedly jumping around (not sure why, maybe she was playing with her friends) while waiting for the bus to go to the sekolah agama (evening school). Then her friend told Angah (a.k.a Hilman, her brother) that she fell and felt that her hand was in pain. Hilman told her not to go to school but she went anyway. She went to school, stayed until the school period ended and came back home by bus like she normally does. When the parents came back only they brought her to the hospital as they saw her hand began to swell.

While we were on the phone.

My tough girl =) 

After the x-ray inspection and discussion with doctor, Kak Lina informed us that Nurin might need to be in surgery the next day. I was kind of surprised as she already got her hand bandaged (probably with cement as well) and now need to do operation some more. I thought that was quite serious for one who broke her hand. Nurin said the doctor said “tulang Yee dah hancur”. -___-“ I am not sure how hard she fell and how the situation was that she even got her bones crushed!

Before surgery.

Being pushed to the operation theater

The next day, we were informed that the surgery went well. Alhamdulillah. But Nurin was not as happy as she was the day before. Maybe she started to feel the pain after the operation took place and the anesthesia medication started to fade away. This time, she cried talking on the phone. Pity my darling…  Kak Lina mentioned that they put wires to “tie” the broken bones together. I asked her if she has the copy of the x-ray after operation. I really want to see how it is.

After surgery

Anyway, she might been discharged today, insyAllah and should be continue resting at home. Not sure when she'll be allowed to go to school again, and got the cement and bandage off. I heard that if you have iron/wires in your body due to broken bones, you will be very uncomfortable when there are lightnings, in very cold weather or on rainy days. I hope Nurin will be very tough to go through this. InsyaAllah.

Get well very very soon, Yee!

p/s: Thanks to Kak Lina for sending the photos. 

p/s2: And thank you, technology. I love you.

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