17 Jul 2013

The first casing

I used to be jealous of iPhone users as they got to put nice, cute, pretty casings on their gadgets while I was stuck with boring casing for my old phone. So, since I got myself an iPhone, I kept on looking for nice casing. But I ended up with only a silicon case. I browsed through online shops, took a look at Machines' casing display rack, but still, nothing really caught my eyes. There might be some that I thought were pretty, but just not enough to make me spend for it. Not until about a week ago when I was browsing through Groupon apps, I fall in love at the first sight with an iPhone casing. It's the Marvel's Captain America casing! XD I super super like the casing. The Captain America looks very very cute. 

Yeah, you don't have to remind me that I'm turning 28 soon. -___-"

I got super excited when the casing arrived this week. I mean, SUPER EXCITED that I put it on and take it off too many times... and me being me... sooooo careless... and there you go, a little crack on the top of the casing.


Who in this whole wide world would put the casing on and take it off so many times because he/she is overly excited until it cracked within an hour of its arrival?? Yes, the correct answer is Julia! *cry out loud*

So I never take it off again, and never will until I really need to take it off forever! Sobssss.

By the way, as husband says "Jangan lepas dah beli sekali ni terus addict asyik nampak casing cute cute nak beli tukar dah." 

Ops. He knows me too well. Lalala~

p/s: Thank god I haven't stumbled across Powerpuff Girls casing. :P

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  1. I'm using the same casing for my S3!

  2. http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/NEW-THE-POWERPUFF-GIRLS-Jacket-Case-Blue-for-iPhone5-/390616467252?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&hash=item5af28e4734&_uhb=1#ht_4286wt_1181


    1. Hoi! Saje je kannn! >.<

      hmmph. naseb baik x berapa nak smart mcm Captain America tuh. :P


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