3 Sep 2013

The bookshelf project

When we first moved to our new home, we didn't really fill it up with furnitures and cabinets and extra decorations. We only brought the furnitures we already have, the ones we bought when we were renting in Puchong, Selangor. We were kinda tight on budget as we needed to prioritize i.e. the grill, awning, tiles etc. So after weeks and months, we started to think about decorating our home sweet home. As the books were brought from the old house are  a lot, therefore, one of the important furniture that we need to set up is a bookshelf. And man, nice bookshelves are not that cheap! So we came up with the idea to do it ourselves using old, unused cabinet and shelves.

Basically we have three different cabinet and shelves. One is the green DIY cabinet bought at hypermarket and another two are the IKEA white shelves. Since the study table which would be placed near the cabinet is dark brown in color, we decided to paint our bookshelf dark brown too.

Dirty old cabinet… :(

Since both cabinet and shelves have a smooth finishing layer, which make it impossible to directly apply a new paint on it, we had to apply a layer of whitewash first. Then only we applied the dark brown varnish for finishing.

Setting up the shelves was a bit easy as it comes with the iron bar and all. But the putting up the cabinet on the wall was a bit tricky. We had to be creative and think on how to put it up with minor defect on the cabinet as well as the wall. And to ensure it could withstand a certain load and would not fall easily, of course..

After days of painting (due to time restriction, yeah we were pretty occupied during the day), and the hours of drilling the wall, nailing and installing, here's our DIY bookshelf..!

Well, restoring and modifying furniture will not only give the satisfaction of making something according to your own taste and style, but also actually help you save money! Hehe.

And hoping for more DIY projects to come!!!

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