17 Sep 2013

Hiking up Bukit To'kun (Bukit Mertajam)

Husband and I had been planning to climb (more to jungle trekking, actually) to Pantai Kerachut at Penang National Park for quite some times. So as we decided to go last Sunday, husband made me go for a walk/jog every morning to warm ourselves myself up for the activity since last two weeks, since I have not been exercising for a long time. And my last hiking trip was to Broga Hill, Semenyih - that was in February 2011! Well yeah, good luck for me!

However, we found out that it was raining in Penang on that Saturday evening. I told husband that it was not a good idea to go hiking after the rain. It would be very slippery and all. But since we’ve already made up our mind to go hiking, I Google-d to find any hiking places in Seberang Perai instead and I found out about Bukit Mertajam @ Bukit To’kun. That place is really near to our home and we didn’t even know there’s a hill to climb! So we decided to go there the next day.

Bukit To’kun, or some people call it Bukit Mertajam, is located at Cherok To’kun in Bukit Mertajam. It is part of the Bukit Mertajam Recreational Park where locals bring the children for a picnic and swim by the creek. Bukit To’kun has two paths for hiking – the jungle track and the tar road track. Since it was drizzling before dawn at the area, we had to choose the tar track to avoid the slippery path, again. 

This is place is also famous among the mountain bikers.

There were so many people climbing up the hill as we do, and some even already coming down from the top as we started hiking. The path was quite steep from the beginning hence I already felt tired even before we reached halfway. Sigh. But seeing the elderly coming down, I just can't give up, can I? The same mind set I had when I hiked to Muka Head in Penang National Park - I CAN DO IT!! ! (Macam nak pergi panjat Kinabalu je kan.. -___-") Well, Muka Head was lot more harder than this.

The guide if you're going via the jungle track

The path we took.
It was a lot steeper than it looks in this picture!

The rest area located halfway through the top.

And once again - I did it! I reached the peak with the slowest time ever. But I don't care. As long as I reached the top of the hill.

Captured a few meters before we reached the peak.

The view might not been the best that I’ve seen, I mean compare to Broga Hill that was really breathtaking. But it is a nice place to go for a hike, and to prepare yourself for a more extreme hiking trip. I told husband that we could come here again for a simple weekend activity since it is just like 15 minutes away from our place.

And yeah... I'm currently at home dealing with the pain all over my leg -___-" And it's not fair that husband is all normal, no complaining on knees calves or whatever pain. Ppfftt!

By the way, found this website EveryTrail.com and it looked pretty cool. Downloaded the apps on iPhone and here it is... the map of the trip - captures by iPhone and auto-uploaded to the website.

Kindly ignore the duration and average speed, okthanksbye -__-"

A very useful mobile apps for those who go hiking, mountain climbing etc a lot.

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  1. Meh nak tolong HIGHLIGHT
    2.7 kmph with duration of 1 hr 18 min..

    1. Hoiiii carik gaduh nihhhh!
      Btw average and duration tu x aci lah.. sbb termasuk yang benti2 skali kot. bwerkkkk!


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