9 Jan 2014

Lucky iPad Mini

The Camera Museum, Penang did a lucky draw contest on the Facebook fanpage and the winner would get an iPad mini. I saw the post on their FB page somewhere in October and totally forgot about it. A day before the closing date, they post a final reminder for those who wanted to join. It was as simple as post your photo in The Camera Museum, and get minimum 20 likes to be eligible for the lucky draw.

So I looked for my photo when I went there, post in on their FB page, and spammed my family & close friends asking them to like the photo before the closing time. I had only few hours left! I think by the time the contest was closed, I only got like 21 likes. Just nice! But I was thinking - Please la they don't choose the winner by the highest like the photo got, or else confirm lah I won't get it. Hahaha.

Days past after the closing date and I totally forgot about it, until a FB notification came in - a cousin just liked the photo of me (yeah after the closing date). Then I remember, eh, have they announce the winner? So I checked The Camera Museum FB page and need to scroll down and down and down (they post photos on their wall like 20 photos a day - nasib baik lah beautiful photos :p) and saw......

I screamed very loudly - in my head.

But oh wait! Is that me? Is that really me? Could there be any other Julia Mahir who joined the lucky draw?

So they announced it a few days before I checked it. Thankfully they waited for my message, and thankfully I checked the page. If not they might be waiting forever or decide to do a re-draw because the winner goes MIA hahaha.

Happy happy me welcoming a new Apple family in my arms. Hehehe.

Alhamdulillah, syukur.

Thank you The Camera Museum. And thank you family and friends who helped to like the photo. Sorry for the sudden FB message asking to help to like the photo without explanation. Hehe. (Macam ucapan menang Oscar je :p)

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