20 Jan 2014

LG Pocket Photo Printer

I have not done any reviews since my Nokia N8 Maxis 10 entries. This post is specially dedicated to Paeh as he's the one asking for it – and yeah to tell you guys how cool my new gadget is. :p

I found my new LG pocket photo printer by chance. I was actually laptop-browsing with husband at a computer store in Penang. There was a big sale on the store so there the store was packed with people. I saw this gadget in a glance on our way out of the store and it caught my eyes, and heart since I was also thinking of buying a new Polaroid style instant camera. But I didn’t buy it on the spot, neither got the chance to really look at it with the crowd at that time.

I googled and read about the photo printer and started making comparison on the pros and cons if I buy the photo printer or an instant camera. 

So, basically here's the specs for the LG photo printer model PD 233.

• Connectivity Technology: Wireless
• Interface: USB, Bluetooth
• Printer Type: Photo printer – colour
• Dimension : 7.24 x 2.4 x 12.09 cm
• Weight : 212 g
• Battery : Lithium polymer, capacity 500mAh

The printer comes with a resolution of 640 x 1224 pixels, so don’t expect a very high quality of printed image. The photo is printed in about 45 sec, photos sent from mobile phone through NFC (for Android only) and Bluetooth. And the most important thing is, it supports iOS! Hehe. iOS users can download the “Pocket Photo’’ apps for editing and printing purposes.

Editing with LG Pocket Photo apps includes making collage, insert frames as well as date and QR code 

Make sure the phone is connected to the printer via bluetooth before printing

It is quite noticeable that this small printer doesn’t need ink for printing. The technology used is the ZINK 2.0 ink-less paper system, similar to instant camera paper technology . The ZINK system enables the long life to printed paper and helps to prevent it from smearing. The ZINK paper is made of advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside. Before printing, the embedded dye crystals are clear so ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper. The ZINK-enabled device uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals.

The PD233 current retail price is RM399 and the photo printer box set comes together with USB charger and a packet of 10 pcs LG PS2203 ZINK paper. Additional ZINK paper can be bought at RM 49 for one box (set of 3 packets of 10 pieces ZINK paper).

So why did I choose this over an instant camera?

Obvious reason is because I already have my Lumix, and I also use my phone to capture photos for Instagram or mobile sharing, I don’t think I want to add another extra camera in hand. That wouldn't be too handy, would it? With this pocket photo printer, I can bring it anywhere because it is so light or just leave it at home if I don't need to print it on the spot.

As some cheap instant camera does not produce really good photo indoor as well (as forced flash required), I don’t think I want to throw the expensive piece of paper away just like that. If I use this pocket photo, at least I can check if the photo looks good first before printing it out. Yeah I know that’s the beauty of Polaroid style camera, the moment of candid or unplanned blab bla bla. But whatevs. I still like this better. :p

The 2”x3” size of the photo might be small for some of you hence thinking wide instant camera is a better option. But one of the purposes of printing the photo is for my journal writing. The small photo style fits perfectly in my Midori Travelers’ Notebook (another new addiction! Hope I'll get to blog about this too soon!).

And above all, because it just cool and fun! Hahaha.
And it’s very gadget-y (whatever the word supposed to be :p) with the portable ink-less wireless thing.

Check the video of the LG photo printer printing HERE on my Instagram (because I'm lazy to convert it and upload it again haha).

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  1. Saiz gambar yang boleh dicetak? 3R?

  2. wow keren sekali LG Pocket Photo Printernya, bisa cetak photo terus dimana saja

  3. may i know where did you get this printer? is it around penang?

    1. Hi.

      I bought this in KL. but i think you can get it online too.

      oh and I saw this printer at PC depot sebering perai (near Megamal Penang)

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