26 Feb 2014

The kitchen cabinet project

My love for DIY stuff broadened from just making handmade card, simple handcraft, beading my own wedding dress or scrapbooking to home décor and furnishing. After the kononnya successful DIY projects at home, which I call Projek DIY AminJulia 1.0 and 2.0, I asked husband for more DIY projects. So we decided to do a makeover to our old cupboard to a simple kitchen cabinet to place our some still-in-the-box wedding gifts.

Yes, we did our projects including painting in the living room. -____-"

After I post the photo to FB & Instagram, some friends asked what kind of paint I used. The makeover done is almost the same as the bookshelf project. We applied white chalk paint (cat kapur) on the cupboard to make it easier for us to paint the new colour due to the smooth finishing layer and the very dark color of the original cupboard. Furthermore, the rough finishing surface of the chalk paint will create a wooden effect line on the surface.  But instead of varnish, we applied yellow colour paint after the white paint. I chose yellow to give the cupboard a bit of a vintage look. 

We ordered cut plywood from nearest hardware shop for the rack and did the same painting. If you want to make something like this, please do yourself a favor by smooth plane the wood surface. Yeah, we were too lazy to do that. Plus I’m too excited and wanted it to finish very soon. Hahaha.
And I present to you.. Projek DIY AminJulia 3.0, the kitchen cabinet. :p

My new simple konon vintage look kitchen cabinet.

DIY = Save money. A lot.

So, what's next, hubster? Heheee.

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  1. banyak boleh jimat dengan projek-projek guna semula macam ni, tiada yang dibazirkan.


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