26 Mac 2014

Raudhatus Sakinah and Julaybib

Last weekend, Team Syuhada of Kindness Malaysia (Penang region) went to Rumah Raudhatus Sakinah (RS) in Sungai Bakap, Penang.

Raudhatus Sakinah was established as an institution that provides shelter and counselling to victims of teenage girls that are mostly the victims of social illness such as abuse, mistreatment, neglect, psychological stress, rape, incest and so on. RS tries to help teenagers who are involved to boost their self-confidence and their ability to become a useful person to society and religion.

RS has been in operation since August 1998 under the operation of the Wanita Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (WJIM). RS is an ongoing project to help people deal with social problems, especially among teenagers. RS has officially registered under the Care Centre Act 1993, the Social Welfare Department.

The RS home in Penang was opened in 2007. Besides Penang, RS shelters are also available in Sungai Buloh (HQ), Kelantan, Johor and Kuala Lumpur.

The Raudhatus Sakinah, the peaceful garden

Kindness Malaysia (Team Syuhada) with RS Manager and Volunteer

Abg Raselan with RS Penang Manager, Puan Inayah

All for one. One for All.

Souvenirs for the Kindness Malaysia team, from the sisters of RS

One of the activities done while we were visiting our sisters there was a tazkirah slot by Ustaz Yusof. He told us the story of Julaybib. I honestly have not heard of this story before. I'm not going to copy and paste the full story here, please Google (or click here) or search in Youtube. You will not regret searching for it, I promise.

Sharing session by Ustaz Yusof

Basically, the story is about Julaybib who was described to be not good looking, not known to be a gallant warrior on the battlefield before the advent of Islam. His personal attributes appeared so contrary to the normal heroes of old. He was an orphan, deformed and extremely short. He was brutally rejected by society because the people were more concerned with his physical appearance and status than integrity.

He then became a devoted servant of Almighty Allah and beloved companion of Prophet Muhammad. He gained respect and affection from Prophet Muhammad, for his sincerity, integrity and strong Islamic belief. Julaybib earned the honor he yearned and became one of the most valued companions of the Prophet.

And at the very end of his life, his status was lifted higher than most of the people who condemn and make joke of him when he died as a syuhada in the Uhud battle. After the battle ended and the Muslimin was counting on the survivors and the syuhada, the Prophet realised that Julaybib was missing and asked everyone to search for him.

They searched and found him beside seven mushrikin whom he had struck before meeting his end. The Prophet stood up and went to the spot where Julaybib, his short and deformed companion, lay. He stood over him and said: “He killed seven and then was killed? This (man) is of me and I am of him.” He repeated this two or three times. The Prophet then took him in his arms and it is said that he had no better bed besides the forearms of the messenger of God. The Prophet then dug for him a grave and himself placed him in it. He did not wash him for martyrs are not washed before burial.

The story of Julaybib remind us of one thing;

Julaybib - the man whose life is filled with despair and struggle to win the hearts and admiration of so many through pure intent, nature, and love for Islam and the Prophet - and at the end of his life, he was placed in high ranks in the sight of Allah and the Prophet for his love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad saw.

It was a beautiful story that really touched our hearts and make most of us about to cry. Thank you Ustaz for sharing the story about one of the least famous companions of the Prophet, Julaybib.

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