7 Mac 2019

I'm a dōTERRA wellness advocate!

A few friends approached me, inviting me to try essential oils (EO) as they thought I'm not using any. Maybe because I've never shared publicly that I actually use EO. I've been using dōTERRA oils for more than 2 years now. Thanks to Eqin for introducing me to dōTERRA.

I'm not against medicine, I still go to clinic when needed. But with EO, it helps reducing minor pain like headache, stomach ache and minor cuts using natural oils. And diffusing makes the room smells good too!

I am not sure why I've never shared about me using essential oils, but since I'm joining the 30-day photo challenge on Instagram, and will be taking A LOT of photo, so yeah, might as well use it for the blog. Hahaha!

doterra malaysia essential oil

doterra malaysia essential oil


Essential oils are highly concentrated thus they should always be diluted before use topically. I like to prepare my own roller instead of buying the pre-diluted oils as I usually prepare different roller, with different oil concentration for us, adults and the kids.

How to make your own roller? As easy as ABC!

Add few drops (depend on usage and age) of essential oil (or oils) to a 10ml Roller Bottle.

Fill rest of bottle with carrier oil of choice (I use fractionated coconut oil). Add bottle top and shake well to mix, label bottle and you are ready to roll!

Now it is easier to apply them where you need and then rub them.

doterra malaysia essential oil


I used to use commercial cleaning products to clean the greasy kitchen top but they smell... ugggh!

Even as adult I can feel the smell linger in my nose, and now with kids of cos I don't want them to smell those harmful products too, hence I switched to a more natural and kids-friendly products.

Since I have the dōTERRA essential ois, I make my DIY multi purpose cleaner with them too. My fave EO for cleaning are Lemon and Tea-tree for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. And smell good too! Just add vinegar to a spray bottle, followed by water, baking soda and essential oils. Mix by gently shaking.

I found these cleaner is more effective than store-bought cleaner, with none of the harsh chemicals.

doterra malaysia essential oil


My on the go oils that are always in my oil pouch are the basic Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and diluted Digest Zen. And I will also bring a few small bottles of carrier oil.

I started using dōTERRA with the three oils in introductory kit and they are still my fave as they’re perfect for mostly common & every-day purposes.

doterra malaysia essential oil

Some people may think, why go through the hassle making your own spray, cleaner or roller. And wouldn't it cost you more?

Well actually, there's no hassle, it's really easy peasy - just mix this and that. And no, they don't cost you a bomb. A bottle of 15ml dōTERRA essential oils has roughly 250 drops, and you only use a few drops in each dilution.

More importantly, you can mix and match the oils according to their benefits and properties, depending on each usage. I usually take smell into consideration too. 😉

Wanna know more about essential oil? Talk to me! Trust me our team memang best punya. hehe

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  1. wah macam best jer doterra ini macam2 boleh digunakan..lepas ini i bolehlah try use doTERRA essential oils to improve my life and help my friends and family too.

  2. Thanks for the tips. It is a great way to use Doterra essential oil and I will be trying it soon.

  3. Pernah dengar pasal dotterra ni, rasanya keluarga Adam (kanak2 yg ada autism), kalau x silap sis lah.
    Nampak mcm bagus je..boleh menenangkan sesiapa yg pakai dn mcm2 lg kelebihan oil ni, bolehlah cuba nanti

  4. Selalu dengar orang guna eseesntial oil tapi tak pernah dengar brand ni. Macam-macam fungsi betul. Bagus ni kalau ada jugak dekat rumah especially yang ada anak.

  5. good sharing, selalu yang best about essential oil ni sebab ianya menenangkan. rupanya banyak kelebihan EO ni kan. yang best saiznya yang comel dan mudah nak dibawa kemana je

  6. bagusnya sebab boleh buat sendiri juga ikut keperluan kita ...memang EO adalah terapi awal and kalau sakit masih berlarutan baru rujuk doktor yang lebih pakar...

  7. rasanya ini yang selalu adam autism pakai untuk bagi dia lebih tenang. bisnes ayah dia jugakkan. bagus pakai eo untuk terapi. sebab bauan ini boleh membantu memberi lebih ketenangan

  8. produk ni best sbb mudah senang nk pki kan. yg pling best sbb ssuai utk terapi

  9. Dah ramai pakai produk ni actually, onie pun nampaknya macam nak kena beli je ni. Sebab semua bau aroma dia best :D

  10. Mouse mommy pun suka EO jugak. Feeling refreshing and natural aroma to calm my soul.

  11. First time dengar tentang brand ni. Nampak. Macam menarik tu. Kalau betul2 bagus boleh beli ni

  12. Nak tanya fungsi EO doterra sama macam young living ke? Hahaha kenapa haku tanya dekat belog sedangkan boleh je Whatsapp ko terus. Gedik tak?

    1. Ya, Sama fungsi nya - essential oil. tiap2 minyak ada kegunaannya. mmg gedik weh. haha. meh meh whatsapp utk tau selanjutnya hiksss


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