13 Mei 2013

The search of the next Ramli begins

Haven't you heard? TM is looking for the next Ramli!!

Yes? And as a fan of the *ehem*ehem* 20 times champion of the Premier League, Manchester United, I am very excited to know that TM is giving a great opportunity to offer three talented Malaysian a trip to the Manchester United Soccer School, to visit Old Trafford and a three year scholarship to attend Frenz United Football Academy.

The objective of the programme is to provide a platform for young footballers to realize their football dreams. TM also hope to help raising the standards of local young football dreams and get the parents to see the potential in their own children through Mencari Ramli 2, hence will provide a solid support system to the children. Beside that, the programme also aims to encourage the Team Malaysia spirit through this reality show.

Following the Mencari Ramli programme which was aired in 2012, TM is back searching for 30 young footballers to join the Mencari Ramli 2 programme. The Mencari Ramli 2 team travels all over the country to find the hidden potentials of Malaysian football between 13-16 years old.

The Ramli we're looking for would be someone who is extremely skilled and talented at playing football. He could be the best goal keeper like De Gea, or the best defender like captain Vidic. He could also be the best midfielder like the retiring Scholes or the best striker like RVP, whose goals help Manchester United to win againts Aston Villa and confirmed the 20th league title for MU with four games in hand. But overall, he should be the most talented player that will make Malaysia is proud of him.

As a footballer, I think our Ramli would be not so skinny but not too chubby, just an average Malaysian boys size would do. But a 6-packs-Ramli would definitely makes Malaysia schoolgirls melt, won't he? Hehe. Even so, honestly, I don't think his physical appearance will give the big impact for him as a football star. Beside his skills and talent, the Ramli that Malaysians will be proud of should be very friendly, humble and down to earth because that are the quality of a true star. A player who is humorous and funny would be a plus point, too. Most importantly, he would be the reason that bring Malaysians of all races and religions together and unite to support Malaysian football team and players.

Mencari Ramli 2 Audition

Mencari Ramli 2 auditions had been held in many places such as Terengganu, Johor, Penang, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur started early February 2013. However there are still two auditions coming up as follows.

Stadium Hang Tuah
11 - 13 May 2013
Padang Yayasan Sarawak
18 - 20 May 2013

Don't forget to witness the awesome actions of the Malaysian greatest football talent search that began on 19 April 2013. 

Watch Mencari Ramli 2 every Friday, 7.30 to 8.00 pm, only on TV3!

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