5 Jun 2013

My very stupid mistake


I used to have a Gmail account associated to my old blogshop. I registered this blog account with a Yahoo account. A few years later, Gmail and Blogger merged or something so all must use only Gmail account for log in. I remember linking my Yahoo account with the Gmail-blogsop account. In addition, I also added my Gmail-personal account as my blogs admin. Then, I started to blog with my Gmail-personal account for log in.

But since I closed down the blogshop, I decided to delete the Gmail-blogshop account as well. Eventhough I do not check the email anymore, I just feel like deleting it anyway. And so, without thinking much, I did.

Then only I realize that all the photos embedded in all my blogs posted BEFORE I started blogging with my Gmail-personal account for log-in were uploaded by the Gmail-blogshop account. And all the photos are gone together with the email account.... *sigh* *cry* All the photos were 'kept' online with the email or something like that I don't know how to put it in words,  so there you go... I have hundreds of posts WITHOUT pictures. Just hundreds of photos of an exclamation mark.

(Posted on 20th October 2009)

Yeah... my blog is now full of this. :(

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