26 Jan 2015

The incredible journey

I had safely deliver a baby girl last November, Alhamdulillah.

My pregnancy went smoothly - no major allergy or critical morning sickness at the early stage - just need to take proper food and supplement for low hemoglobin level. But almost at the end of the pregnancy, I started to had high blood pressure. I was warned the dangerous of having high blood pressure during pregnancy and was told that I MIGHT be forced to deliver if my blood pressure increased up to dangerous level. Not something that would help me calm and decrease my blood pressure, right? -__-

My last pregnancy photo was during husband's convocation.
6 November 2014.

On 11 November 2014 (which was Madam Mommy's birthday!!), I went to the Klinik Desa for my weekly check up. The nurse who check my BP said that the reading didn't look good and she had to give the Klinik Kesihatan doctor a call to ask if I need to be admitted straight away. Oh of course not please! Thank god the doctor said it would not be necessary and that I just need to come and have my BP checked and monitor everyday.

The next morning, right before Subuh azan, I had my sign of labour (at least I thought so). I told husband and we gave the hospital a call to ask if it was really a sign of labour and should we go to the hospital. After confirming a few details, the person on the phone asked us to come to the hospital as I might be ready for delivery.

So I performed the Subuh prayer, which I did not know would be my last solat before I gave birth, got ready, texted Madam Mommy telling we were going to the hospital afterward. We went out at around 7am and decided to have roti canai for breakfast before heading to the hospital. Yeah, I haven't started to feel the contractions yet at that time, plus I told husband that I might need extra energy if I were to deliver the baby hehe. I was not aware that it could take up to 24 hours before you deliver after started feeling the contractions peerrghh sakit kot lama gila nak kena tahan! 

I think I started to feel mild contractions on our way to the hospital. Oh the hospital was about one hour journey from home and we needed to cross the Penang second bridge. Jauh gila kan nak pergi bersalin? We arrived at around 9am and was told to do some check up routines. Blood pressure was way too high that the doctor asked me to take some medicine to stabillized it, or it could be dangerous for normal delivery. Sigh. I was then taken to the ward for delivery preparation routines, this and that, and was warded at around 11.30 am, just waiting for the right time to deliver. Husband was with me at the ward. We were told that usually it would take longer time from contraction to delivery for first baby. Hmm.. okay... and then I started to feel strong contractions.

I was pushed to the labour room at around 12.15pm, and the rest was history...

... and at 1.10pm I heard my little baby girl crying for the first time.

Alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah. Thank you for the amanah you sent to us. InsyaAllah we'll try to be the best parents our daughter could ask for and will try our best to raise her to be a good muslim.

And thank you, Sayang for being by my side, for holding my hand all the time, for trying hard to soothe me make me calm when I feel like I could not take the pain any longer. 

My 3.75kg baby girl

Hey little one, call me Mummy!

Day 2.
Mummy yang penat bawak awak sana sini 9 bulan, sakit nak bersalin, sekali keluar ikut muka Daddy?? Apa ni hepppp takmo kawan kanggg.

Yeah sangat daddy's girl kan..

Our very first family photo - on the third day before coming home from the hospital.
(Abaikan muka yang macam ntah apa apa tu -__- )

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