17 Mac 2015

Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness, Queensbay Mall, Penang

Since I found out I was pregnant, I've always wanted to bring our future kid to the Hippopo Baby Spa and Wellness. All the photos and videos of the babies swimming happily are so cute! I was so happy to know that they were opening a branch in Penang.

So, last month we finally took Balqis for her first swim and massage session at the Hippopo Baby Spa, Queensbay Mall, Penang. Mummy got so overly excited! Yela... zaman mummy dulu mana ada benda macam ni kan... :p The visit was unplanned actually. We were on our way to Penang Island for just a weekend ronda-ronda when I suddenly remembered about the baby spa.  Asked husband if we should go, he said yes why not and quickly Google the spa phone number. Luckily there was still a free slot for my baby B for that day.

Hippopo Baby Spa Queensbay Mall branch is located on the first floor. Not sure which wing - can't remember - but it's near the Maybank area. We were welcomed with happy and friendly faces when we arrived. They introduced and explained their services and all. We then registered for a single spa session for Balqis. They were giving away gifts as a celebration of CNY and look what Balqis got..!

Yeayy lucky baby B! To be used for next visit!

The session started with a light warm up to get the baby started. 

Test test.

Then Balqis was put into water with a swim nappy and a neck float - that is suitable for baby less than 6 months.

Si panjang mummy ^_^

Happy happy baby!

I have more videos than photos of the day, but cannot upload video I don't know why.
But you can see them on my instagram or search IG for #BMAvideo ;)

After the 25 minutes swim session, Balqis was then getting her full body massage from the therapist. The massage concentrates on specific areas such as stomach, back, chest, head, arms and legs. Hippopo Baby Spa uses organic oil like olive and grape seed for their massage session. With additional of RM5, you can opt for the Rose Musquee Elixer Oil by Hydraflore as the massage oil for your baby.

Balqis' three and a half months milestone - makan tangan. -___-"

Berkerut-kerut muka kena urut.

Thank you kakak Shakinah sebab jaga Balqis swim & massage Balqis. ;D
Till next visit! Hehe.

Want to bring your baby there? Give them a call now!
Hippopo Baby Spa & Wellness
30-33, 1st Floor, Queensbay Mall 
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, 
11950, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-6447272

or visit their website www.hippopo.my for more info.

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