30 Mac 2015

Projek PadaMu Ku Bersujud - Kolej Vokasional Balik Pulau

After a few months we took a break from joining Kindness.my Penang Chapter (Team Syuhada) activities due to confinement and taking care of our little Balqis, we decided to join the latest activity organized last Saturday. We brought Balqis together as we thought it is never too early to get her involve with volunteering activities - even though she practically did nothing. :p Bringing her together also is the first step for us to know if we are able to handle her in situations where it involve many people around, and as preparation to bring her to surau or masjid in the future. Alhamdulillah, she was at her best behaviour, sooo good girl this mummy & daddy's girl. No regret bringing her at all! :D

Traditionally babywearing!
Muka budak baru bangun tidur tu hihi.

The PadaMu Ku Bersujud project was a project held at Kolej Vokasional  Balik Pulau where Kindness.my team donated 200 prayer mats (sejadah) to the school's surau. The sejadah was bought with the fund collected earlier within the Kindness.my members.

 Laying the prayer mat as symbolic of the event.

Keep calm and be kind! 

Souvenir exchange session - Abg Raselan for Kindness.my and the school Pengarah

And again, we almost (and some did) shed our tears listening to the tazkirah by Ustaz Yusuf Yaakob.
Ustaz Yusuf told us the famous beautiful story of how Umar RA fell in love with Islam after he heard her sister recites Surat Toha ayat 1 to 5.

Ustaz Yusof also told us a story of a beautiful soul named A'laa.

A'laa was a 10 year old child during the time of Rasulullah s.a.w. He had lost his father who was syahid and lived with only his mother. A’laa have always wondered why he did not have a father like the other children. One day, A'laa asked his mother. “Ya ummi, where is my father?”
 His mother was sad by the question and did not know how to answer. She replied, “Go find Rasulullah and ask him."

 A’laa then went to see Rasulullah and asked, “Ya Rasulullah, where is my father?" Rasulullah told him that his father was shayid in the cause of Allah and his father had asked Rasulullah to tell A'laa that he is waiting for him at heaven’s door.

 One day, the Muslims with the Prophet was preparing for a war. A'laa met Rasulullah and requested his permission to go to the war. Rasulullah did not allow him, instead he asked A'laa to go home and ask for his mother's permission. A'laa told his mother that he wanted to go to the war with Rasulullah and asked for her permission. Bitterly, A’laa's mother said, ”Your father had also went to the war for the cause of Allah and did not come back. Now I only have you and no one else." Eventually, his mother gave him the permission to go to the battlefield with the other muslims.

 During the war, A'laa was always be at the closest to Rasulullah. Suddenly a man from the enemy side had thrown his spear towards Rasulullah. A'laa, without hesitation, had leapt to the front of Rasulullah. The spear got struck right at his heart and he fell at Rasulullah’s feet.

 Rasulullah hugged A’laa and asked how was his condition. A'laa answered “Send my regards to my mother, and tell her - father and I will be waiting for her at heaven’s door."

 When the Muslims returned from the war, many were waiting for their arrival including A’laa's mother. When she could not spot A'laa, her mother asked Rasulullah where his son was. Rasulullah informed her that A'laa sent his regards and said that he and his father would be waiting for her at the heaven’s door. Her mother got so weak and collapsed to learn that his son had also syahid for the cause of Allah.

(I've tried my best to re-write the story based on the tazkirah insyaAllah. You may try to look online for detailed story if available.)


Anyway, we hope that the students, teachers and visitors will use the sejadah optimally and may the event bring good deeds to them and us as well insyaAllah.

Balqis' first volunteering event. Hope it wont be her last. ;)

Looking forward for next project and moreeee to come!

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(Credit to Abg Raselan for some of the pictures!)

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