16 Apr 2015

Another princess in the family

Atuk's grandchildren are mostly girl. Only two of the fifteen cousins are boy. But when it comes to Atuk's greatgrandkids before Balqis was born, there is only Nurin and the other are six boys. So everyone was eager to know if we were having a girl so that Nurin would have a new friend and there'll be a girl in the house. And so when Balqis was born, Nurin was one of the happiest - she now has a girl friend among the second-cousins. 

During the mid of my pregnancy, my cousin Angah found out she was pregnant too. She really wanted a baby girl, and was told that she was carrying a baby girl during ultrasound check ups. Although she had already choose a name (unofficially) for the baby girl, she did not put her hopes too high.

Angah's first son Syawal named the baby in mama's stomach Sofea. As in Princess Sofea. Sofea the First. LOL. He would get mad if we call the baby Pia. He would firmly say the baby name is Sofea, not Pia. 

So anyhow, Angah had succesfully gave birth to a new princess of the family on 6 April 2015, Alhamdulillah, and had officially name her baby girl Anna Sofea. I had always be one of the earliest to visit my cousins after giving birth cos I could not wait to see their babies, but this time around, I was not in KL anymore.. I was so jealous that everyone keep on posting pictures of them with baby Sofea on Whatsapp group. I only see the baby on the 7th day when we went back home last weekend sobss.

Welcome to the world, Anna Sofea

Nangis kena buli pakai riben hehehee

Missing this bambam already!
Tunggu kakak Balqis balik lagi, k. :D

I told Syawal I want to call the baby Anna and so I can call my daughter Elsa. Hahaha. But the overprotective brother won't let me of cos. No Anna, No Pia. Only Sofea. 

"Awai, panggil baby Pia ye."
"Tak boleh. Nama dia Sofea."
"Tapi nama Awai kan Syawal, panggil Awai je."
"Takpe.. Tapi Sofea tak boleh."
"Cuba tanya Mama boleh tak panggil Pia."

He went to ask his Mama.

"Mama... boleh ke panggil Pia mama..?"
"Awai bagi tak panggil baby Pia?"

Hahaha. Ada ada je kan.
Abang long betul!

Abang Awai and Pia :p

Anyways, congratulations Angah and Hakim for the born of your new princess.
May Anna Sofea grow up healthily, be a good Muslim and be a good daugther to both of you.

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