22 Apr 2015

A weekend getaway

Last two weeks, we went to Melaka for husband's friend's wedding. It was unofficially Balqis' first makan angin with us as well. We started the road trip at around 5.30 o'clock in the morning. Yeahhh we woke up verrryyy early *yawn*. Balqis was being extra good, woke at 4am as well, and as if she knew she was going out that early, did not fall asleep back as always (her official wake up time is 7.30 am every day). We made a few stops and gather with other friends on our way to Melaka. We arrived in Melaka just about noon and went straight away to the wedding reception hall. Spent some quite a lot of time there (felt like attending a reunion instead) before we leave for Klebang Coconut Shake for a post-reunion hang out.

Congratulations Haidi & Suhana 
And what are you looking at Balqis? 

Susahnya la hai nak ambik gambar budak ni....

But Balqis was mostly sleeping during the jalan-jalan in Melaka. She was asleep when we went to Klebang Coconut Shake and had ikan bakar for dinner at Sungai Duyong, and even the next day when we made quick stop at Banda Hilir for cendol pulut durian and asam pedas before going back to Kuala Lumpur. Hence no photo of her at Melaka.. besides during the wedding reception and at hotel room. -__-" So much of the very first jalan-jalan experience, huh.

How to tolong sambung blog on mummy's abandoned travel blog like this ah?

Cheeky girl enjoying her first hotel experience hehehe

We only spent a night in Melaka since everyone was going back home the next day and we went back to Kuala Lumpur. We stopped by KLIA2 on our way home to pick up mom who was just arrived from a holiday in Padang, Indonesia. Then we went to see cousin Angah and baby Sofea before actually headed to home sweet home.

Spent another day in Kuala Lumpur di hati. :D

On our way back to Penang on Tuesday, we made a detour to Cameron Highland. Just spent a few hours there - had lunch and went to one of the strawberry farms. 

"I'm ready for Cameron Highland!

Daddy's girl.

"Mummy I want that too why are not feeding me these yummy waffle and shake?!"

Kena buli dengan Mummy :P

My everything <3

The short weekend getaway to Melaka and the Cameron detour was such a meaningful weekend for me as it was our first makan angin with Balqis, besides the monthly going back to KL routine. I hope she was happy deeply inside - even though she won't be remembering this du'uh. 

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