25 Mac 2015

Pregnancy throwback

When we first knew that we were going to be parents, the only first three persons we told was our parents. But we even asked my parents-in-law to keep it from the husband's siblings first. That was right after I went to confirm my pregnancy with the doctor and was told I was 5 weeks pregnant. We announced that we were expecting to the siblings few weeks later and then my other closest family and friends. We had our own reasons why we prefer to keep it secret. Well my campus mates knew it later anyway. You just can't hide the big belly for too long, can you? 

So because of the secrecy, I did not post any pregnancy-related photos on social media. Not even my own full photo with obvious baby bump. Hence for the anniversary of us knowing about the pregnancy, I'm gonna do a massive throwback! And just because I did not update this blog for too long I have too many things to share :p 

And no, I'm not going to post the photo of the pee stick.

First glimpse of little Balqis at 8 weeks.
Honestly I could not see which was she, just trust the doctor with the mark there.

Made a quick visit to Pusat Jagaan Nasyiatul Aisyiyah, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang. 

Besides orphanage, Ustazah Rohani and other guardians also took care of children from troubled family, kids abandoned by their foreign worker parents or simply ones who have no other place to go. Getting pregnant made me feel extra overly attached to kids. Visiting these kids made me think how lucky I am even though I was raised by a single mother, and how I should really love and care for my future kids. 

Because I could not wake up and have breakfast with the husband before he went to work. 
p/s: i love you.

If you are wondering, yes, that's Nescafe. I still take coffee and instant coffee during pregnancy but in lesser amount than I usually do. 
Fyi, I did not do THIS.

Mum, husband and I having dinner at Captain T Restaurant, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. 

Marvelous Tom Yam OMG just think about it makes me want to go there again! But of cos, a bit pricey, maybe due to its special ship design restaurant? Nonetheless, nice food good service. Kelantan trip was planned before we found out about the pregnancy. Since mum already bought her return flight ticket from KL (we drove from Penang), we decided to just proceed with the trip. Thank god I was okay during the road trip.

The famous Buku Merah.

Getting ready for IMTCE 2014 dinner at PWTC Kuala Lumpur.

No, trust me, I don't take picture in front of the mirror often and I don't do ootd. Hahaha. Attending the conference was the very first time I stayed outstation, away from the husband since we got married. This photo was taken as it's my habit to ask him after getting ready to go out, "Is this okay?" Hiks. And I just want to upload the (I think) so beautiful long skirt I made in Bandung. I bought the batik from the kedai kain, had it sewed and was ready within overnight with some other baju kurung, baju melayu and blouses. Bravo!

Wefie. Sekali sekala. :p

Giving duit raya to the Rohingya kids during iftar with Kindness.my Penang chapter (Team Syuhada) and the kids from Rohigya Education Centre, Pulau Pinang. 


I had to find my baju raya real hard, as I could not fit to the baju kurung I made in Bandung and supposed to wear for Aidilfitri. :( Had to opt for a jubah instead. And even harder to look for one that match husband's baju melayu which was also made during the Bandung trip.

One of my pregnancy scrapbook pages.

You don't have to tell me who Balqis looks like. Thank you. 

Hotel Seri Malaysia, Perlis.
See how good I am at hiding my baby bump? Hahahaa.

More sitting down photos during the later part of pregnancy. Hehe.
Again with the Kindness.my team. This was during an Aidilfitri celebrations with the old folks at Rumah Darul Hanan, Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. 

Green stuff for the baby!
Gender neutral colour helps when you didn't want to find out the gender of your baby. ;D

Second ultra sound check up at the klinik kesihatan went well.

When we came for the first ultrasound visit around 12 weeks, the MO almost made me cry when she could not find the baby inside with the ultrasound and asked things like "Ada tumpah darah tak?" "Ada rasa sakit-sakit perut tak?" "You sure your last period date?" -___- At that time I could feel there was a slight tears in my eyes, and I looked at husband and he looked at me and both of us was speechless.
Then only she called out another MO and the second MO managed to find my little baby that was probably playing hide and seek. Fuhh fuhhh syukur sangat sangat.

Didn't she look like me? Then why come out and look like daddy? Whyyyyy??

Cameron Highland one day trip on the way back to Penang from Kualalala Lumpur. 

The one thing I really really want!

It was too bad I had to do this. What you need to cure the swollen foot are cabbage leaves, plastic wrap and a good husband. Hehe. And yeah the cabbage wrap worked like miracle! Totally going to keep this in mind if got swollen foot again in next pregnancy. Eh. 

Two cakes for second anniversary.

And last pregnancy photo during husband's convocation. I was 38 weeks pregnant and didn't went into the convocation hall - afraid that I would have my water break or in great contraction pain and would cause chaos during the ceremony. Hahaa.

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  1. Hahahah baby iku daddy ke mommy asal sihat Alhamdulillah

    1. betul2 Alhamdulillah cukup sifat, sihat semua ;)

  2. Seronoknya bila hamil dalam keadaan yang sihat dan ceria. Amin

    1. Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan semuanya masa pregnant :))

  3. Kalau 8 minggu memang hardly see anything, tapi degupan jantung dah boleh nampak kalau scan tu clear.

  4. Sweet memory of the life klu ingtkan pregnancy time ni..hihi..btw nice tips for swollen feet..

  5. Such a sweet memory. Before the baby arrive, we need to have intense cleaning from top to bottom of the house such as carpet cleaning and curtain cleaning to welcome the baby, and also, we do not have much time for cleaning afterwards haahahah. Your post reminds me of that pregnancy period, thank you!


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