9 Jul 2008

Central Market

Who lives in KL but haven't been to Central Market (CM) for quite a long time? I think it's about you to change your mind and spend some of your free time there. Me, myself hadn't go there for at least 3 to 4 years and decided to go there with mum last weekend. Ok. It changed a lot. Much better at the inside; but maybe not at the outside.

Central Market which is situated at Jalan Hang Kasturi was built in 1888 by the British. It was an open wet market. (Mum went to the wet market to buy vege, fish etc. when she was younger as well). But somewhere in 1970s, there were plan to demolish the building but the Malaysia Heritage Society petitioned against it and to preserve history and the building. They succeed and the site was declared as a 'Heritage Site'.

Traditional handcrafts like batik (hand painted clothing), rattan and bamboo products or Wau (huge Malay kites) and lots of traditional handcrafts can be easily found here.

Other than that, you can also create handcrafts with your photos on mugs or plates, button badges, write something to your beloved one on a metal plat, plate, wooden key-chain, printing photos on t-shirt and lots more.

And one thing I have always remember about Central Market is the "Seniman Jalanan".

Many modes of transportation are available; take the Putra Line Rail Transit (LRT) and get off at the Pasar Seni station, or take a cab and travel a direct route to Central Market. Waste no more time and make Central Market your next destination by heading over to Jalan Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur .

Central Market..... Now and then....



4 ulasan:

  1. ello Ju...

    Uzair pun lama dh tak g central market..lalu je ade lah... last pergi masa form 5.. zaman tuisyen kt KASTURI.... miss my old days!!!

  2. wakk.!!!!
    aku dah lama giler tak g sana..last aku pergi bila ek??? ntah la..dah 5-6 thn lepas kot..lama seh~~~

  3. akU,
    kalau duk KL balik2 tusyen kasturi martin Jer kn. x lari ke mane.. HUhu~

    miss mY old oLd days tOo!!

    siLa siLa pergi... jgn x pErgi..

  4. g central market tak ajak pun ek..


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