13 Jul 2008

Nonoi's Nanim

For The Girl who inspires me to blog...

Sorry we couldn't meet the other day when I was in KL,
but i do want to meet you tau.
I miss you so much.
Thanks for always there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
Thanks for being with me during my hard times.
During the biggest change in my life.
( I can never forget how mulut masin u were =p)

Happy Birthday, Nanim darling...

Have a nice day babe.


5 ulasan:

  1. Happy belated birthday nanim.. isk..naper panggil Nanim?? Ni bukan Baiti ker??

  2. Nurmala,
    NAme die kan Nurbaiti HAnim...
    tu pAnggiLan die kat UMah~

  3. ooo...
    mana aku tau..
    weh,kakak dia mana ar??

  4. kakak Die ade jer.
    tRy carik bLog die name "harim" dalam Link bLogroLL org.


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