12 Ogo 2008

Abang's Wedding @ JB

8th August 2008
After breakfast, we were all ready to begin our trip to JB.

An asyik kata gambar ini smart~

On our way, somewhere in Negeri Sembilan area if i'm not mistaken...
Waja with a lorry.
Berhati-hati ketika memadu. Ingatlah orang tersayang =)

Arrived at JB at about 12 ++ pm. Had our lunch , and while waiting for the men go to Solat Jumaat, we had Air Batu Campur yang sangat colorful.

Checked in at The Puteri Pacific hotel at about 4++pm (we arrived early but for some reason, we need to wait for the room). Solat and rest. At went down for dinner at about 6.30pm.
Two most important men during the trip.

Abang with the ladies

After dinner, did some touch up for the hantaran.

9th August 2008
Woke up, solat, and went down for breakfast at about 8am. Then, getting ready for the very big day.
An helped Abang with his sampin; which took him 8 times to fold it properly and the 2nd belt

He looked so nervous, i tell you!
Here are some of the hantaran..

Abang with his hantaran

We reached Kak Ann's house on time. The Imam was not even there yet.

Saat-saat mendebarkan

Shana tunjuk skill

The Imam finally arrived

THE very moment


Abang did the ijabqabul for only once. Alhamdulillah. . But sadly we lost our bet to him. =p The day before, we bet that he couldn't say it once.

Welcome to the family!!

Makan pun sempat aje nak pose

After Maghrib, ready for the reception!!

Flower girl yang sangat cute

Here they come...!!!

Back to the hotel....
...... can't stop snap snap!!

10th August 2008
Heading back to KL. Had lunch at Restaurant Tomyam Klasik, Ayer Keroh.

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