21 Ogo 2008


Alhamdulillah.. Convocation is over. I am officially conferred the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Polymer Engineering) on 15th August 2008.

Thanks to Mum who never gave up on me, for all the supports u gave, for rising me, for teaching me to be good (am I? =p), for the love, for everything u did for me, for being patient, for being tough, and taught me to be tough, for believing in me, for the trust, for made my life meaningful. And just for giving birth to me.

Thanks also to Atuk, who take care of me since i was small. Who cook nasi goreng for my lunch when Mum was on night shift and couldn't prepare lunch for me. Who never tired riding his Honda to take me to kindergarten. Who repaired my bike so I can cycle safely to school. Who sent me off on my 1st day to Matriculation College Kuala Pilah. For the love and attention u give to all your grandchildren.

Uncles and Aunties, my 14 very supportive Cousins. KakLina, KakAlice, Along, Angah, KakMala, KakTasha, Effa, Farah, Boboi, Mimin, Nawal, Haziq, Nadrah, Dba. U'll never know u girls & guys mean so much to me.

Not forgetting, Mak, Uncle Zahar, Auntie Rozi, dearest cousins Ekha, Kaina, Shana, An and the only Abang, who always be there for me. Support me for who I am. Myself. Million thanks.

My friends, my ex-schoolmates, ex-KMNS-mates, my monomers in Polymer Engineering 04-08, USMKKj-mates, all who know me. Thank you .

And to those who never want me to succeed, also, thanks so much. Whatever U said and did, just gave me more and more courage to do better.
What doesn't kill u makes u stronger.

the happy me

mummy lovely

cousin effa and kak alice, thanks for coming

nurul akma

muhammad ikhwan

siti noorzidah


the chain of monomers

thank you everyone =)

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  1. aku mmg plg cunnnnn - effa

  2. wehh..
    email gmbr aku - effa

  3. da 3 comment aku bg..
    cpt!! - effa

  4. effa,

    sampai camni punye orang nak mintak gambar pun ader.. isk3...

  5. aleeya,
    thank you!! =)

  6. julia darling~
    wah habis sudah kamu yaa,,,
    dlu lari2 kat corridor
    skarang graduan,,,

    biler masaku akan tiber lama giler kot kat sini,,, :)

    hopefully everything will be ok for me soon

    cari keje cepattttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hai 2 the person up there,
    tapi sape nih..?


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