11 Mac 2009


i went back home last weekend 'cause Monday the 9th was Maulidurrasul public holiday and i know i might be boring staying in my small room in the campus. went back on the Friday and arrived home about 8.45pm. there was a Raja Lawak Gelanggang Akhir. the finalist were Jihan, Amir and Sepah. i like Jihan's2nd performance, amir was quite membosankan while sepah was the best. mmg x salah la they were dinobatkan as Raja Lawak. ape2 pun, Nabil juga yang memikat hati. ;p

sepah, Raja Lawak musim ke3

went out with mum to see her dentist on the morning and to lowyat to buy a new monitor as monitor kat rumah yang dah berzaman tu selamat me'meletupkan' diri sendiri. and i went to pavillion to see a family member; for the first time of my life.

Jumpe my big bro and sis-in law on Sunday. spend the tea time with them, and i realize that i hadn't jumpe abg and kak ann for like months, ok. since last november kot. haisshhhh~ need to find the time to spend with them more after this. and had dinner kat pavillion (lagi?) and lepak-ing with cousin farah and wani and mr.bf after farah finished her shift.

woke up seriously late on Monday morning. teruk gile! on prophet mohammad's birthday. isk3.
dah la tido lewat, raining pulak tu that morning. siap la.. huhu had lunch and all at home and went out with mr.bf to mid valley before dia hantar to hentian duta. dinner satay rebus (is it what it's called?) yang mcm satay, cucuk kat lidi tp kite rebus die mcm steamboat tu. byk kat roadside i.e kat jalan tar/masjid india. saya sgt suke itu. sy x kire ape org nak kata. walaupun agak kurang sopan to be eat while standing. sape suruh jual mcm tu. ;p

the girlfriends are coming next month. oh, i cant wait!! i don't wanna say it out loud as i might gonna jinx it. but i can help it!! XD hopefully everything goes well.
and naqi called last night saying that the boys are planning to come, on the exact same date! haisshh. how? surely they can't be together the whole time la (atas sbb2 yang x dpt dielakkan). kalau the boys with the girlfriends jadi dtg on the same date, i know i couldn't spend a lot of time with them. so, dtg la hari lain, ye. huhu

saya rindu Nurin, xjumpe lgsung sbb die balik kampung kat Batu Gajah.

hujung bulan balik rumah lagi. cousin sis mala is getting married.

and congrats to cousin angah yang baru dirisik baru-baru ni... =)

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  1. heh..heh..heh.. tahniah pada sepah

  2. nurin jer? harris? bias sungguh makcik yg sorang ni...

  3. hello. my name is Indra, I from Palembang, Indonesian country.
    happy with you hopefully we can become friends.
    I am pleased you have read the blog

  4. cutemiut,
    yeah! go sepah!! ;p

    hari dh 3g haris. nurin xdpt 3g..

    nice meeting u! =)

  5. heheh. boleh tahan jugak la sepah tu.

    er.. satay rebus? the 1st time i hear about it..

  6. alone,
    sepah buat lawak slambe. sbb tu org suke.
    satay rebus tu name sy yg bg. xtau le ape name sebnanye. huhu

  7. rajin nye la balik kampung. saya masa blajo dulu amat jarang-jarang-jarang balik ke rumah. bagus la tuh. selalu ingat family.

    umi, harris dah makin macho skrg, mana leh suh makcik die rindu2 kat die. malu la die nnt. hehehehe :p

  8. hopefully we can make it safely =)

    if the boys wanna come,biar la... i'd feel much safer if they're around... my mum risau sbb we don't have bodyguards >.<

  9. zuraidy,
    harris dah macho ye? hehe
    bagus2. nak jadik abg kene macho2

    bukan x nak they come at the same time. remember the incident kat a&w if "both" side ade? thats my point.


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