21 Apr 2009


last friday, me zydah and penick went to Kapitan, Penang for penick's farewell dinner as he's going back to sarawak. he finished his last exam paper friday evening, and need to prepare for his fyp report and all, and planned take the flight home on monday. he's going back to (maybe) working in sarawak. he planned to work in kl, or at least east m'sia but things happened and he need to stay near to home.

yesterday morning, penick sms-ed me saying rashid couldn't send him to the airport and asked if i could. so, zydah & i sent him off at the airport for his 1745 hrs flight to kch. it was kinda sad to actually see him off to the departure hall. last year, around this time, kitorg ke Genting for our farewell trip. and lepas tu, even dah x bersama ikhwan & nurul (yang start bekerja terus after habis degree), x sesedih ini maybe because we (me & zyd) already know that ikh was going 2 work in kl, and nurul dah surely org semenanjung. so, 2-2 pun insyaAllah senang nak jumpe. and cause we were going to have each other for at least another year. but semalam, i did feel sad deep inside. sbb since last year yang ikh & nurul dah xde kat usm, it was always be me, zyd & penick pegi ke mc'd or had dinner together once in a while.

we'll miss u.

he had always been there for me - for us - whenever wherever we needed him to be. last year die even bawak assignment ke karaoke sbb kami nak sgt ke karaoke atas sbb2 yg xdpt dielakkan and die 'terpakse' ikut. and now, the fact that he might be working in sarawak, lagi la, like when are we going to see each other again?

now penick dah xde kat usm and zydah will finish her mixed mode master degree in few months. i'll be left alone here. :( except if she decide to pursue her study lagi.

goodbye, my friend
and good luck.

p/s: Al-Fatihah to penick's father who passed away last Saturday.

7 ulasan:

  1. kenang penik dalam doamu..haha

  2. penick yang aneh..tapi sangat baik juga..

  3. duhh...like theres no other ppl for u ...

  4. kole,
    kenang.. kenang..

    mmg sangat baik

    mmg la ade org lain jugak..
    but he's a friend. a bestfriend. so x salah kan nk sedih sbb xtau bile nk jmpe lg.
    p/s: len kali letak name ye instead of just being anonymous ;)

  5. cam pelik ek nama member ko nih. mcm ala2 18sx gitu.. hehehe :p

  6. wakakaka
    aku baru nak komen cam gitu..
    sekali abg edi dah komen.. opss!!! terlebih sudah

  7. zuraidy & sis mala,

    itu hanyalah nama timang-timangan dan bukanlah nama sebenar spt di dalam MyKad. ;p


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