4 Feb 2010

Jalan jalan bersama keluarga ke Kota Singa


Last weekend I went to Singapore for a holiday with my family – mum, auntie, cousins and nephews. A short, simple holiday but is enough to help me take my mind off of things.

Went there by KTM train, departure from KL Sentral station on the 29th January, 2230 hrs and arrived at Tanjong Pagar station the next morning at 0800hrs, after a short stop at Woodlands train check point around 0700 hrs.

Had breakfast at Tanjong Pagar station. Then walked to the nearest MRT which is Tanjong Pagar, to go to our hotel in Little India.


[Tips] We bought the EZLink card (similar to our TnG card) and would likely to suggest you to buy the card if u’re going there for a hols. Your trip there would be much easier, no need to queue for tickets. EZlink can be used for MRT, buses etc. It’s sold at SG$ 15, with SG$ 10 amount in it. It means that you pay SG$ 5 for the card. BUT. each trip by MRT or bus, u’ll get discount. so it’ll cover your SG$5 back. Plus, it lasts for 5 years when it’s not used. And the balance amount in the card is refundable. But the card itself isn’t. So you can refund the balance at the end of your trip, and keep the card for next trip :p

The hotel was located in Little India but the nearest station was the Farrer Park. Since it was still early for check-in, we went to the City Square Mall, which was linked to the Farrer Park MRT station. The mall is a newly opened mall with ‘go green’ theme and just across our hotel.

Our first destination on the trip was to Orchard Road. OMG!! This place is a serious shopping heaven. Kalau rasa2 nak habiskan duit sekelip mata, sila lah ke sini. There are too many shopping complexes here e.g Lucky Plaza, Wisma Atria, ION Mall. 

17174_279689933043_575488043_3323267_7045255_n17174_279704753043_575488043_3323292_1760935_n17174_279697938043_575488043_3323279_3326056_n Yes, Chinese New Year is nearing and sale are everywhere!17174_279697948043_575488043_3323281_278889_n 17174_279726953043_575488043_3323386_680652_nYeah. Whatever. As long as I’m happy :P

After the ‘cuci mata’ session at the Orchard Road, we went to the Merlion Park to see the must-see and must-snap-photo-with Merlion. Taking the MRT to the next destination sangat mencabar jugak. There are boutiques and shop lots everywhere through the link at the underpass. *sigh*

17174_279729003043_575488043_3323396_3294883_n Esplanade, the theater by the bay.

17174_279729023043_575488043_3323398_6938915_n 17174_279736088043_575488043_3323411_5120368_nTHE must-see and must-snap Merlion!17174_279729038043_575488043_3323399_5493778_nSingapore flyer & the Floating Stadium at the Marina Bay

The floating stadium is located on the water. yes it is floating. but as far as i can see, and through the pictures on the internet, i can’t see any high fences surrounding the museum. So what happened if the balls were kicked so high and went outside the field? O_o

17174_279736108043_575488043_3323413_3187989_nThe smaller size Merlion17174_279736628043_575488043_3323416_3703137_nCan you imagine if the bridge at Masjid Jamek or any other bridges in KL/Malaysia are as as clean as this? Wouldn’t it be nice?

It was late evening so we decided to go back to the hotel, and just spend the night in the hotel area - the Little India area, City Square Mall, Seragoon Plaza etc. We walked to the Victoria Memorial to wait for the bus.

17174_279736638043_575488043_3323417_7390312_nAnderson Bridge

17174_279736648043_575488043_3323418_7079098_n The Stamford Raffles statue, at the Victoria Memorial

But the decision to take the bus was a big mistake. We forgot that the hotel was in Little India, and it was the night of the Thaipusam. We were stuck on the traffic jam as some road were closed for the well-carrying marching for the Thaipusam. –_-“  we should’ve take the MRT instead..

So we had some rest, we went out to have dinner at the City Square Mall and to Seragoon Plaza.

 [Tips] Print out the Singapore MRT map (click here for map) and bring it everywhere. Helpful. Very very helpful.

..to be continued…

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