7 Feb 2010

Sambungan cerita Kota Singa


Lets continue with the 2nd day of my Singapore trip story.

Woke up early morning, had breakfast and we were out heading to the Sentosa Island. Since it’s just a short trip, we didn’t plan to spend the whole day there. Just make a quick stop to bring the kids there.

Took the MRT from the Farrer Park station heading to Harbour Front station, where VivoCity is located. Mum suggested that we take the cable car but the cable car was closed for maintenance or something so we took the Sentosa Express. Sentosa Express monorail station is integrated in the Vivocity Mall.

17174_279742188043_575488043_3323454_5541868_n 17174_279744608043_575488043_3323463_2077324_n In the Sentosa Express, heading to Sentosa Island

We stopped at the Beach Station. Headed to a shop to buy some souvenirs, then went to the beach for photo session. Pity the children they were literally dying to swim. haha. sorry yer.. lain kali je ;p


Then there were these Skyride and Luge that look totally awesome and think we should try. I didn’t want to take the Luge at first. Since nephew, Hilman wasn’t feeling well, i thought of taking him to take the Skyride on return trip. But when cousin Effa was buying the tix for Skyride+Luge for herself and nephew, Amir, the kakak at the counter told her that the price for 2 person (Skyride+Luge) was SG$22 but it cost SG$ 28 for 4 person! Dang! so there were me & mom decided that we’re gonna try the Luge as well. heeee!

17174_279761908043_575488043_3323489_5902217_n 17174_279764888043_575488043_3323493_7420834_n This ride was awesoommmmeeee!!! Boley drift wooooo! haha

After then, we took the Sentosa Express back, and took off at the Imbiah Sation for see another huge Merlion.


The huge merlion is actually one of the tourist attraction at Sentosa Island. It’s the Imbiah Lookout where you can see the whole Sentosa, and Singapore southern shores from up above. See the open mouth of the merlion? Yes. you can actually be up there.

17174_279770018043_575488043_3323510_6873781_n The trip crew17174_279770048043_575488043_3323513_6094410_n

After more and more camwhoring session at Sentosa Island, we were back at the VivoCity and everyone was already starving for lunch. Had at lunch at the food court. Hey,wait! see the fake beach on top of the mall!! It’s on the 3rd level of VivoCity. But swimming is not allowed. Untuk lepak2 sahaja, ok.

17174_279770753043_575488043_3323522_6035524_n Level 3, Vivocity

Next? Bugis street. Bugis Street is similar to our Petaling Street in KL. You can find a lot of stuffs here. But it was very crowded that we only spend a little time here.

17174_279773903043_575488043_3323538_3084865_n Bugis Street

Across the street of the Bugis street is the Bugis Juction. Old old buildings, renovated, air-conditioned. Nice place I can say.

17174_279780373043_575488043_3323550_3970626_n 17174_279780388043_575488043_3323552_7820522_nI U


After then, we went to Bedok to see some family member. But we only had the chance to go to one house, Uncle Othman’s. ok2. next time (er..ada ke next time? ;p ) we should see more family members there, ok!


From Bedok, nephew Amir requested that we take the double decker. He wanted to take a ride on the double decker since he saw one on our arrival in Singapore. So we decided to take the double decker to go back. But since there were no straigt double decker bus to our hotel, we went to Orchard Rd to change bus/MRT. (alasan jer switch bus tu sebenarnya… well.. it’s Orchard Rd bebehh! haha)


So, Orchard Road again!! Had dinner at Wisma Atria before going back to Little India by MRT.

17174_279787838043_575488043_3323585_4956211_n 17174_279791193043_575488043_3323610_5703204_n

Ok. Enough. Penat. Back to the hotel. Tidur. Esok balik.

So the next morning, woke up, breakfast and spent the last few hours in Singapore at the City Square Mall. Why la mesti ada Charles & Keith boutique in the City Square Mall, that just across the hotel…? –_-“ Dah. Jom balik.

17174_279796833043_575488043_3323624_386470_n I wish that the old buildings at Lebuh Ampang & Masjid Jamek area will be nicely renovated and painted like this17174_279796848043_575488043_3323625_853910_nKTM Tanjong Pagar Station

So this is the end of the trip. I seriously wish to come again. There’s just a lot more places to be visited in Singapore.


Ma..thank you for the trip! ada rezeki boleh belanje g Singapore lagi. ;p

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