27 Jul 2010

Another well spent weekend in Penang

Yes, after a long time, I had my weekend well spent in Penang Island again. When i say ‘well spent’, it means more than just go to Penang for a movie and Starbuck-ing in Queensbay Mall or Gurney Plaza, ok.

Woke up not so early so i missed the chance to go to Taman Tun Sardon for ‘serabai’ breakfast. Yeah, I’ve been hooked up to ‘serabai’ since the first time I tried it during twin cousins, Ekha & Kaina and grandma were here.

So, went to the Rope Walk @ Lorong Kulit but nothing really attract my attention. Looking for Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck from the uncle that i bought Salina from, but he doesn’t have it. Oh but we saw IPhone instead. But didn’t ask how much would he sell. Then, had lunch at Astaka Selera Stadium, next to the Penang Stadium and near the Lorong Kulit.

Then we headed to Upper Penang Road for the Little Penang Street Market. Last weekend was the 4th anniversary of the voluntary street market, which opens every last Sunday of the month.

2010_07_25_8635 2010_07_25_8612 2010_07_25_8613 2010_07_25_8623Street opera performance by a Japanese soprano, Ranko Kurano. Check my Qik for her video

2010_07_25_8628 Since 1985!

After that, we went all over Penang (ok, not really. i was exaggerating :P ) to find cempedak goreng. Yes, I wanted cempedak goreng that bad since like weeks ago and I couldn’t find any in Parit Buntar and Nibong Tebal area. :/

We went round and round to some places in Penang and kept looking, till we found a small stall in a housing area in Jelutung selling the cempedak goreng. Wooott!! Marvellous! Then went to another place - which I am not sure what’s the name of the place, a new place by the sea - hang out there to have the wonderfully taste cempedak goreng. XD

2010_07_25_8640 2010_07_25_8641

Then, after we finished with the cempedak goreng, guess where we headed to?

My tour guide of the day ( yes, i retired of being the tour guide for the weekend ;p ) brought me to a place named Relau. Why did we go to Relau…? Well, in Relau, there’s a place selling fruits on the roadside.



The one thing that i like about this place is you can buy the fruits and dine-in there. The place is really nice and clean. 


And this is what we came here for………

2010_07_25_8646 Durian… woottt!!!

Now, what do we do after eating the durian? The old folks say, to prevent our body from the heat of eating durian, we should drink the water from the ‘pasung’ durian. And that’s exactly what I did. :P

2010_07_25_8648  2010_07_25_8654 

After finished the fruit fiesta, we went hanging out in front of Queensbay area, watching the kite-flying here are there. Honestly, I’ve never ever succeed in flying a kite. But that was during the childhood. Never tried to fly a kite after i turned 17. Should really try it again some times – till I can finally make the kite flies.

2010_07_25_8662No. This is not a bird, or a Batman! This is a kite.

2010_07_25_8665The Penang Bridge.  Also, since 1985! ;)

2010_07_25_8667  2010_07_25_8700Well hey, anybody misses this? Err… i mean the satay ikan, not the brother. :P

2010_07_25_8706 Random. ;)


I really need a new lens. At least a new kit lens. Shooting with the manual focus sucks to the max! Gggrrrr!!

p/s: Thank you, tour guide of the day, for the cempedak goreng & durian!! You know you’re the best!!! :D

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