14 Jul 2010

Dansa by Sasha Bashir, Part II

For readers who have been reading my blog for quite a while, you might have come to a post titled Dansa by Sasha Bashir I posted a few months back. I really want the Dansa book but it’s a bit costly (at least for me). I’ve been eyeing the book and been reading it while spending time in Borders Queensbay Mall.

And last week, Sasha Bashir offered her Dansa, A Dance Journey book as a giveaway in her blog. Not a contest, free giveaway, randomly pick winners. How cool is that? Trying my luck, i send an email to her, wishing I’ll be picked as the lucky ones.



But since it’s a random pick, i know it must be hard to be chosen, since I’ve already won a contest from her blog once. So some friends volunteered to help email Sasha on my behalf, and i asked some other to email for me. It was mentioned that anyone can state for whom the book is dedicated to, to be autographed.

A twitter friend of mine, techsupremo was one of the random winners picked and he did dedicate the book to me. Yayyy!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

  DSC06867 DSC06869

I am happy :D


p/s: Check out techsupremo’s Picture Perfect blog (might also check rates for photography packages) and his PhotoArts Facebook page.

p/sII: Happy belated Birthday Girlfriend a.k.a Baiti a.k.a Nanim sayang!!! xoxo


p/sIII: Happy 3rd Birthday to my lovely blog. ;)


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