16 Jul 2010

Manchester United AON Jersey official launch in Malaysia

So the leaked out photos of Manchester United (ManU) new jersey with its new sponsor AON embedded on the chest turned out to be the real ManU kits for season 2010/11.

Little design touches with the club initials printed on the back of the collar

United Devil detailed on the sleeve

(Source : Soccerbible.com)


Honestly the design which is inspired by the ManU 1980/81 season kits by Adidas isn’t something to be talked about. It’s simple, yet classic.

But one thing that excites me about the new jersey is that it is made of recycled polyester. The new ManU jersey is engineered and constructed under Nike's 'Considered Design' programme – which each of it is made entirely from recycled polyester, each crafted from up to eight plastic water bottles! Yeahh~! Polymer thingy does excite me to the max! :P

Now, lets do the maths.

  1. It’s Manchester United, for God’s sake! My favourite team.
  2. Nike is my all time favourite sports brand.
  3. Now, its the polymer thing with the jersey.

What any better combination could i ask for? :P

The new ManU home kit is officially in Malaysia launched by AON Malaysia on 15th July 2010, at Roof Top, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Cousin Effa works for AON, so here are some picts taken from her. :)


38125_1463611103503_1030237434_31385285_7660273_n 38310_1463614423586_1030237434_31385297_5875534_n 34167_1463616383635_1030237434_31385311_4720349_n

(Photos courtesy of Cousin Effa)

Untitled(Source : Utusan Online)


The Barclays English Premier League (EPL) has announced the schedule for 2010/11 season and the kick off will be on August 14, 2010. Manchester United first game will be on the August 16 against the Newcastle United at the Old Trafford. Good luck, my Red Devils!


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Here is the video of Manchester United’s Pre-Season Nike Code Red.

“Nothing is given. Nothing is guaranteed. If you are serious about your season, get serious about your preseason.”

New Season. New Battle. New Shirt.

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