10 Feb 2011

Mini family gathering

I don't really blog much. One post per week is more than enough for this blog. But I don't know why I feel like I haven't been blogging for ages. I haven't really spend my time with my laptop much these days. There was a period of 11 days of not switching on my laptop, then on for one night, abandoned again for three nights. I guess I love being at home so much - hanging out, watching TV, chatting with cousins and so on and so forth, that days without laptop seems normal compare to when I was in hostel - boring nights.

Anyway, last few weeks, my maternal family members had a little gathering, thanks to cousin Sis Alice who initiated the idea of the gathering. It had been a while since we had our last gathering like this. And when I say gathering, I mean the 'bakar-bakar' gathering! Yes, 'bakar-bakar' refers to BBQ style gathering. And we went by theme like always. This time it was BLACK! 

Atuk's granddaughters

Simple steamboat prepared.



2011_01_23_9999_92a  2011_01_23_9999_59a



The happy us!


Buah hati pengarang jantung

And my favourite candid picture of the day...


The second-cousins - Nurin Adrianna and Harris Zikri. Sweet, isn't it? :')

I'm not sure when will we have this 'bakar-bakar' thing again, but I miss to gather like this again already! Any birthday celebration coming up that we can gather and celebrate? March, maybe? For those who are concerned : ehem ehem. ;p

By the way, found this old photo on facebook during our last 'bakar-bakar' gathering. It was in October 2008, gathering for Raya open house together with my birthday celebration. 

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