21 Feb 2011

Blogger and Twitteratis trip to Malacca for #knizamkawen

The plan to Malacca had been done since last month when the famous live blogger, @knizam94 send out his invitation card to us - the blogger and twitteratis through @azmanishak. We were so excited for the trip since most of us are going, and it would be our very first official road trip together. So, there we were on 19th February 2011, off to Malacca the Historic State. They who gathered at Ali Maju, Setiawangsa earlier that morning came pick me up at home, since I've decided last minute not to drive for the convoy. The journey started from Kuala Lumpur after the we went to Cheras to pick @piratz up.

Oh, before the journey started... we did what we do best... camwhoring!! :P

We stopped at RnR Ayer Keroh to join the other 5 cars of 10 people (yes, bad citizens who don't practice carpool :p ) who have been waiting for us there. Some of them are from Shah Alam, some from Puchong and some from Seremban.

To cut the story short, we reached @knizam94's house at Jasin. Photography session. Eat. Chit chatting.

The Twitterjaya clan with the bride and groom! (Credit : @shamhardy)

Later, they decided to go to the Dataran Pahlawan. Innocently and naively, I thought we were just going to hang out IN the Dataran Pahlawan, maybe grab some coffee or something. So I've decided not to change to the t-shirt and pants that I brought along. Little that I knew... they proceeded to go OUT of the building. Hanging out Bandar Hilir in baju kurung. Yessss memang terbaik lah! Never in my life I go around town in baju kurung for no reason -__-"

So anyhow we then went to the Menara TamingSari. These people are overexcited. Yes, more excited than the kids I think.

Look at our owls. Like sister, like sister :D

When I say we went out of the Dataran Pahlawan, no we didn't just stop at The Stadthuys area. We actually walked for I don't know long to find our dinner - the famous Malacca asam pedas. Being geeky, all these guys brought out their marvelous smart phones to check on the Google Maps and GPS to find the diner.

Believe me when I say technology doesn't necceserily make your life easier. The interactive maps actually made us walk farther than we should. Aarrrgghhh! I was in baju kurung, remember? #fail

So, anyways we reached the place, had our dinner and went back home.

Big hugs to the convoy crew...

@sickchild72, @ayongqiela, @fzren, @khairilafzal, @amanfirdaus, @roslan_nazri, @andyhowtt, @piratz, @azmanishak (the organizer) with wife and son @amirulamin, @cuak_team @shamhardy with wife @zawizainal and son @hailakid, @tekong and wife @neth3ad, @icednyoir, @azri83, @noktahhitam and fiance @aisyahrodzi, @mrkaymy and wife @holocoustine

Did I miss anyone?

Oh, and some twitteratis came on their own to the wedding i.e @zara_syed and @loqoe. Nice meeting you, new people that I've never met before :)

I enjoyed my trip very much.


kepada adik @zelo55, orang terlupa ah nak bawak balik serpihan batu AFamosa tu.. dah ingat dah hari tu tp pastu leka leka pastu terlupa...sorryyyy.. nanti kita gi sesama kutip batu sesama k2.. ;D

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