13 Ogo 2015

Jalan jalan Langkawi Part I

I won't count Melaka as our first family trip because Balqis slept most of the time when we jalan-jalan there and Cameron Highland was just a stopped-by.  So Langkawi will be the official first jalan-jalan for Balqis. Hehe. 

We booked the flight and hotel at the very last minutes, just about a week before we went there. We planned to go to Langkawi for quite some times but there were always other important things that we need to attend first. We actually had few places to choose i.e Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Terengganu - but there are no direct flights from Penang, hence we opted for Langkawi. Besides PEN to LGK is just a 30 minutes flight - just enough for us to see if we are able to handle Balqis on flight. And if not, well, it would be just 30 minutes huhu. Honestly I did a lot of reading on tips of how to handle infant onboard lol.

The backpacking family (kononnya). Hehe.

Fly Firefly!

Balqis' first travel by flight experience.

Balqis' Little Pilot Logbook.

We arrived in Langkawi around 1.30pm and went straight away to the hotel. The big bos a.k.a princess Balqis needs her rest and sleep. Yeah travelling with kid means you need to follow their schedule. We didn't go jalan-jalan on the first day, just a little widow shopping around Kuah town, surveying chocolate prices for order taking from the Kampung Pandan clan. :p

I need this with this price in Penang!!

Just found out that there's a Haji Ismail Group shopping complex woww! After jalan-jalan Kuah town  looking for chocolates watches baju so on and so forth, we went to the jetty area but the area seemed busy so we decided that we would just drop by for the eagle statue later. Went back to the hotel and went out again later that night for dinner. 

Saloma Nasi Lemak Panas & Daun Pisang, Kuah.
Taste good.

That's pretty much what we did on day 1. Yeah not much. Cos what's not written in the itinerary includes Balqis' nap time, Balqis' nursing time, Balqis' eating time, Balqis' nappy changing time lol.

But we do went jalan jalan the next day! 

So, to be continued.

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