19 Ogo 2015

Jalan Jalan Langkawi Part II

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We woke up early on the second day as we knew we'd take time to get Balqis ready and to prepare for her thing milk food. We tried our best to give her home-prepared food for as long as we could. Hence we brought frozen food from home and thank to the invention of ice pack, the food stayed frozen until we reached Langkawi.

We got out of the hotel for breakfast at the nearby food stall. It was drizzling so we decided to go for indoor places/activity first and went straight to the Underwater World, Langkawi. This was my third, (or fourth time?) time going to the Underwater World but somehow it still amazes me. I wish I could be a mermaid and live underwater. Or at least I know how to dive. But trust me I don't even know how to swim! -___-"

Babywearing dad is seexxyyy :p

Pingu pingu feeding time!

Didn't even bother to look at the camera.. -__-"

Hey mummy. What's that?

After all the woowww waahhh at the Underwater World, we headed to the Oriental Village. I found out that there are a lot of new attractions since the last time I was here in 2012. There are Duck Tour, 3D Art Museum, SkyAdventure Park, 6D CineMotion, SkyDome and the new Private, VIP or Crystal Glass Gondola for the SkyCab.  

FYI, the Private and VIP Gondola cost RM400 (for 4 pax) and RM500 (for 3 pax). Gulp!
Of course we just took the regular SkyCab gondola hehe.

Why are you looking at mummy smiling like that. Mummy shy shy laa.. :')

Lemme give you a kish, aunties & uncles!

Balqis' first own postcard to send home. Moorrreeee to come!

We had our lunch at the Oriental Village food court and jalan-jalan around for a bit. By that time, Balqis had already fall asleep in daddy's arm after having her lunch on top of that Gunung Ma'Cinchang. Kemain... mummy pun tak pernah makan atas tu hahaha. And that's the power of babywearing lol. Honestly I'm glad that we chose to babywear, as Balqis would probably doesn't want to sit tight in her stroller,  refused to sleep, then she would be moody cause it's past her nap time. 

On our way back to Kuah town, we pay a visit to Galeria Perdana, a place of attraction in Langkawi in honour to our former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir. 

And went back to the hotel for a quick rest. 

Went out again late evening to Kuah to buy some chocolates (like wajib okay hehe) before having dinner with an old friend of us.

Thank you, Rosli for the wonderful dinner! 

Continuing.. (soon, i hope).

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