2 Okt 2019

theAsianparent app - your no 1 pregnancy and parenting app

When I was about to become a first time mom back in 2014, I remember myself looking for information everywhere on pregnancy, delivering a baby, breastfeeding and even how to care for my little ones. I bought books, I Googled and I even asked my family and friends. Information was everywhere, but I secretly wish for a community where I can ask and discuss about all of the things at one place.

Years passed by and I found out about theAsianparent apps! It was like a dream comes true. Even though I have already have 2 kids now, 5 years old elder Bee and 2 years old little Bee, there are still sometimes queries on how to care and raise my kids well. So I am so glad that I came across the apps!

theAsianparent is a free online community that provides family information to urban or prospective urban parents and parents-to-be who live in Asia or are of Asian heritage. To date, theAsianparent is available in 12 countries including Malaysia.

Besides providing information, theAsianparent apps also are full of other useful features too. This would help parents-to-be or parents generally on tracking the development of the pregnancy or the children.

Some of tools in theAsianparent apps are Pregnancy Tracker, Baby Tracker, Food & Nutrition, Checklist and Medicine.

Pregnancy Tracker

Food & Nutrition

Check what's safe to eat during pregnancy, confinement and while breastfeeding, as well as what your baby can eat between 6 - 11 months.


Check if the medicines you are taking is safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


I, myself love the Baby Tracker feature so much! I can see my kids development tracking and what should they achieved by certain milestone and age- physically, emotionally as well as cognitive, motor and gross skills.

Even though each child develops differently, there are still a benchmark to when we should be worry. Hence a check list on children development like this help a mother a lot.

Other features that are totally a plus point (at least for me hahaha) are the Points & Rewards and Contest. Every time to ask question, answer a question, take a poll or invite a friend, you will be rewarded with points, or with just login in! Isn't that awesome? Then, you can redeem Rewards with the points collected. Some of the rewards are photo and photo book printing, skin care, e-wallet credits and baby stuffs.

Contests are held regularly, prizes ranging from baby stuff, to skin care and supplements, up to household electrical appliance.

If you are a mother-to-be or mother with babies and toddlers, I would really recommend you to download this apps. Just search "theAsianparent" on Google Play Store (or click here) or Apple App Store (or click here). And it is free too!

While you're here, go check out theAsianparent blog too where you can read a lot on moms & babies!

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  1. Yeah... LeYa pun tersuka dengan apps theAsianParent ni.. Menarik dan mudah

  2. Good review on the apps. Thank you for sharing this information. Have a good day.

  3. Bagus app theAsianparent ni. Macam-macam ada. Mudah la nak mencari info.

  4. good sharing and off coz, good application. Sure sangat bermanfaat.

  5. Menarik app ni. Banyak info pasal parenting. Nanti syira nak download jugak la

  6. Wah beruntung parent zaman sekarang, ada benda boleh refer dengan menggunakan apps je. Bagus betul app The Asian Parent ni.

  7. Suka giler app ni. Masa pregnant dulu tak ada lg app ni. Tapi skarang still boleh apply dekat anak yg 3 tahun ni.

  8. Wahhh... This is a good apps for new parenting...
    I wanna explore this as well. Who knows one day my baby bump appear without my notice...

  9. saya yang anak 2 dah besar ni pun menggunakan apps ni sebagai rujukan.. wah !! gittew..


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