21 Okt 2019

Jawi Peranakan cuisine at Jawi House Cafe Gallery, Penang

We had been wanting to go to Jawi House Cafe Gallery for some time but had always been postponed. As we were planning to have our 7th anniversary lunch, the cafe came to mind again, and we thought it would be great to give it a visit for this special occasion.

Jawi House Cafe Gallery is located at the Armenian Street in Georgetown city centre. Placed in between the old herritage building, it serves halal Jawi Peranakan cuisine, blending Arabic, Northern Indian, Pakistani, Levant and Malay culinary traditions.

Jawi House Cafe Gallery is ranked #8 Malaysian Restaurants in Georgetown Penang with 4.5 out of 5 rating from over 600 reviews, and received TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence too!

The Jawi House Cafe Gallery is owned by a Jawi Peranakan anthropologist, Dato’ Dr. Wazir Jahan Begum Abdul Karim, who was recently conferred the Professor Emerita title by the USM Chancellor, and also the mother of Jawi House chef, Chef Nurilkarim Razha.

Dato’ Dr. Wazir Jahan is an international scholar in the Social Sciences who has made outstanding contributions to both academic and applied research in the fields of minorities, gender, globalisation, conservation and heritage.

Books by Dato' Dr Wazir Jahan i.e Feasts of Penang: Muslim Culinary Heritage and Boria: From Passion Play to Malay-Jawi Peranakan also are available at the cafe gallery.

The cafe was not really big. But the environment is cozy and comfortable. The service was amazing too, very attentive and pleasant.

Plus point that the cafe is very kids-friendly. They have two baby high-chairs and plastic plates and cutleries too! Took of our worries to let the kids eat by themselves.

Honestly we were having a hard time deciding what to order as we would really love to try many items in the menu, but know that we couldn't finished it. We should come with a bigger party so we can order more and share each of it. LOL!

We skipped appetizers and ordered the main dishes for ourselves. Husband ordered Lamb Beriyani while I had Lemuni Rice with Beef Rendang (Rendang Daging).

Thirst-quenching arabian sherbet, made of spiced rose syrup with malva nut, gum resin, basil seeds, milk and cold pressed apple juice, made of chilled apple, no sugar, no ice - with metal straw yayy!

Lemuni Rice

The Lemuni Rice or Nasi Lemuni is cooked with lemuni leaves, blue telang flowers, flavoured with garlic ginger, lemongrass, onions and coconut milk. It it served with sambal tumis and vegetables on the side, and topped with fried, crispy anchovies.

Beef Rendang

I am a big fan of beef rendang, and I love the Jawi House's Beef Rendang so much! It is delicious and the beef is so tender.

Lamb Biryani

I honestly have problem spelling biryani as some times it is also spelled Beriani, Briyani or Beryani. LOL.

Anyway, this Lamb Biryani will probably the reason I want to come again. I had 2 or 3 spoons (or maybe 4?) of husband's Lamb Biryani and it taste so good! The lamb is well seasoned and just as tender. The rice is very flavourful too! The Lamb Biryani is served with dalca, raita, papadom and fruit chutney.

After our mains, we ordered their Red Velvet Galette. To our surprise, the dessert came, we were served with two other desserts, the sago pudding and butter cookies, complimentary from the chef!

Red Velvet Galette - I could have this all on my own!

Sago Pudding - starch pearls from sagu palm, served with coconut milk and palm sugar.

My little foodie in the making.

Anak-anak tak bagi kerjasama adalah perkara biasa okey.

Chef Nurilkarim's wall of fame.

So lucky to get to meet the Chef Nurilkarim again.

Thank you so much, Chef for the complimentary desserts and for remembering us from the Taiwan Expo 2019 hehe.

Many might think it's quite a waste to spend more on local food they can get in some local stalls (or cook at home), but I think this dining experience at Jawi House Cafe Gallery is worth it - the food, the service, and the nice ambience.

Check out their website for more info and full menu is available too! Jawi House Cafe Gallery opens daily except on Tuesday, from 11.00 am to 9.30 pm.

Definitely a great anniversary treat.

Thank you, husband!

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  1. allah, dessert. mek tengah cut gula ni. terliurnya tengok dessert kat sini. semoga mek tabah.

  2. Mula2 ingat kat Jawi. Rupanya nun jauh di pulau sana. Hehe. Next time boleh cuba ni

  3. Nasi lemuni tu menariklah suka sangat macam nasi kerabu..

  4. tengok makanan tu semua sedap2 lah.. hehe

    *done follow sini #142

  5. When in Penang will look out for this Kawi Cafe cos everytime visit Penang would akways go to the nasi padang restoren served at the International Hotel Rest... esp ikan cencaru belah belakang.

  6. bolehlah cuba nnti bila balik kampung. nampak sedap ya menu2nya. in shaa Allah akan bawa keluarga ke sini nnti. :)

  7. Fuhh terlioq tengok, nampak sedap2 hidangan restoran ni. Nak terjah jauh le pulak. InsaAllah kalau ke sana nanti bolehlah singgah

  8. penang foods sedap2lah, why oh why so far away from me! insyaALlah kena buat trip ke penang la gini

  9. Terliur tengok semua menu yang ada terutama red velvet galette tu. Nampak sedap. Penang sekarang ni banyak tempat makan yang menarik untuk dikunjungi. Lama dah tak pergi penang. Kalau pergi nanti boleh singgah.

  10. Macam best je sago dia. Lapaq dah ni tengok banyak makanan

  11. Tempat pun menarik di tambah melihat makanan mesti sedap. Next time, boleh Naim mencuba makanan ini.

  12. Lemuni rice tu rasanya macam nasi kerabu ke? Curious pulak nak tahu. Suka jugak rendang 😋 kalau sedap mesti repeat makan kan. Red velvet galette pon nampak sedap

  13. Saw this in your IG, the place looks really nice & also the food! I am excited to try the food! If got chance , I will visit with my friends.

  14. Canteknyaaa deko dia. Restoran ini nampak bersih juga. Suka dengan konsep makanan dengan variasi pilihan makanan

  15. Nasi Lemuni tu nampa lawa je..hahaha..nampak buat kita nak makan je..beef rendang tu.ayoyo..sedap..tapi tu la jauh

  16. bolehlah datang sini nti..tengok dia punya rendang tu mak aii merecik..

  17. So much love from the food serving! And all looks really delicious too, I need come here when I'm in Penang.

  18. Wow makanan semua nampak sedap...boleh saya cuba nanti kat Penang


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