Sep 8, 2021

Mainan Terbaru My Little Pony dari Hasbro Sempena Tayangan A New Generation

Walaupun Balqis ni nampak kasar suka lawan-lawan, tapi dia suka sangat My Little Pony jugak. Ingat tak last year kek birthday dia yang tukar macam-macam, dan akhirnya dia nak kek My Little Pony. Happy sangat dia.

So, bila dapat PR kit dari My Little Pony, Mummy buka dulu nak check (masa tu Balqis tak tengok lagi), dah tau dah mesti dia akan over the moon sangat kalau dia tengok.

And yes, bila masa unboxing PR kit tu dengan dia, sampai apa Mummy cakap pun dia tak dengar dah. Termenung ralit tengok barang-barang dalam kotak tu. Mata bersinar-sinar sangat! Tengok mainan-mainan tu, Mummy rasa Mummy pun nak main sekali. Dah la comel je mainan-mainan My Little Pony tu.😍

Dan paling Mummy suka ialah game card dia. We love game card and always spend our time playing game card together. And now, we have an additional card games to be played during our bonding time. Game card dah lah cantik, ikut warna warni karakter My Little Pony yang baru - Sunny, Dizzy, Zipp, Hitch dan Pipp.

Mainan kad ni best for me sebab in a way, boleh ajar dan instil good values that is taught by the ponies like hope, courage, confidence, creativity and kindness.

Kalau sekarang ni bukan dalam fasa pandemik, Balqis mesti nak sangat bawa kad ni main dengan kawan-kawan juga. Kawan-kawan dia pun ramai yang suka sangat My Little Pony. She must be very happy if she could play the game card with her friends and find out more about everyone’s personality and it’s what makes them unique - like the ponies.

Oh, the new movie - A New Generation is coming on 24th September kat Netflix! jangan lupa set reminder tau.

Anyway, if you wanna get these awesome toys for your kids, you can get them from Toys ‘R’ Us or Hasbro Malaysia Official Store on Lazada and Shopee.

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  1. Wow she looks so happy with her toy. I am sure she is over the moon to receive these toys. :D


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