24 Okt 2007

penang's lanca

mum send me back to campus with kak alice (cousin) and hilman (cousin kak lina's son). so we stayed in penang for 2 nites. what i like to share is.. after 4 years spending time in USM and spending a lot of times in penang, at last, i took a lanca ride. (beca in penang is called lanca)*wink*

me & dek man on a lanca - pusing2 padang kota

and there were also some places we went like botanical garden, feringgi beach and its pasar malam, kek lok si and toy museum. mum wished to go to some other places but unfortunately it kept raining while she was here... so, here we go!

i love trees & flowers. tree = hindustan scenes. hehe... @ penang's botanical garden

hilman @ feringgi beach

kura-kura yang berebut nak makanan dr kami @ kek lok si

me yang dah gemok with lovely mummy berlatarbelakangkan penang bridge.
exact location = depan Queensbay Mall

cousin Sis Alice @ Masjid Terpung Batu Feringgi

aliff hiLman + Feri

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