23 Okt 2007


this might be a late post.
but still thanx to my girlfriends, myTo, eda, and nanim 4 spending ur precious time with me on my birthday.
luv u so much!!!!!!!

back on 20th oct,2007, myto & eda came to my house around 10.45am. lepak 4 a while waiting 4 me to get ready and we went to uitm shah alam to pick nanim up. then we headed to my uncle's place in shah alam. it was kinda raya visit since i hadn't been to his house 4 raya yet.
after spending some time there we went to Sunway Pyramid and after we did some window shopping, we spend time eating & chit-chating at Kenny Roger's.

*nanim myto julia eda*

we spend a very loong time there, not for eating, but chating of coz. we talked about some 'orbit-orbit' things eventho xde kene mengene dgn bulan. (terpengaruh dgn kekacakan Dr.Syeikh =P)

we sent nanim back 1st before eda sent me home.

to my surprise, they got me a present. (which they actually bought when they told me they were looking for nanim's hostel things. jahat btul. pnt tggu dpn giant). thank you girlfriends!!! i love u all so much!

the present from the girlfriends

later at night, after taking my shower, as i opened my closet.. jeng jeng jeng... a present. from my mum. hehehe.... thank you ma... muahhh2!

to all the ppl who wished on my birthday, thanks a lot. xoxo

*already back to campus*

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  1. Muahahaha.. Ngahahahahah...Hahahahaha.. Agagagagaga...

    *tersengih baca post ni*

  2. hahahaha...penat ye?thats was the only time aku dgn nanim ade utk mencari hadiah tu..waahahahahahahah

  3. haha.penat pun penat la. janji aku heppy! hehe...


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