1 Dis 2008

Kak Farhah's Wedding

Wedding ceremony/kenduri/reception is very well-known activity when the school holidays are coming. I can't figure out why they like to do these event during cuti sekolah. Maybe the students in the family are on holiday so that easy to ask for help? Or maybe because it's easier also to balik kampung for the kenduri, as kalau x cuti sekolah, the children need to skip school.

Up till today, i received 3 invitations to wedding ceremony. Kak farhah was on the 29th, Kak Ira (mc'd ex co-worker) on the 20th Dec and Kak Sheila (senior Civil) on the same day. not sure if i can make it for both Kak Ira and Kak Sheila but I know I couldn't say no to Kak Farhah's reception.

So, last Saturday i went to Seri Manjung for Kak Farhah's reception. Ikmal, the husband said the akad on the night before. The convoy from USM campus consist of at least 5 cars, heading towards Manjung at 10.00am. Made a short stop at Bagan Serai and reached at Kak Farhah's around 12.30pm.

Took a rest, then had our lunch before Kak Farhah called us (the girls) to her room for photo snapping.

Ikmal's rombongan came at around 1pm. Kak Farhah headed to him. Auuww~ So comel la both of them together.

Ok. Kak Ida wasn't suppose to be the bride'smaid. Sangat x aci, ok! But, nvm.. bagi the kakaks jadi pengapit, ambik berkat yer. hehehe..


Our beloved Kak Farhah

Waiting patiently for our turn to come.. =p

Madihah - Kakak's little sister - enjoying herself so much as the exam is over

Some of the picts here are taken by these 2 abangs. Credit to Najwan & Norrish.

Abg Fut, Kak Fiza, Najwan, Pojie, me, Salmi & Awal, the driver =D

My other 2 sisters yg masih boleh di manja2; before they follow Kak Farhah's step in life. Hehe

The ex-4129-roommates.

So after the ceremony was almost over, we took off. But not to campus. To Lumut for jalan2 & shopping a lil. Zidah went back earlier with seniors as she had an emergency. So, it was just me, Salmi, Amalina with Awal who went there.

At Lumut jetty. It reminds me of our Polymer trip to Pangkor early 2007. I miss them!!

The polymer girls: Amalina, Salmi & me

We bumped into Salwa, Ema & Hanizah, the EE ladies there.

I did a lil shopping there. Hurm.. a lil? Boleh la.. As i'm going back this coming weekend. kene la beli banyak skit rite.

After the shopping-shopping, we headed back to campus & arrived at around 9pm. So tired, yet so hapy with the trip. Happy to see Kakak getting married & happy to go jalan-jalan.

The next day was the bertandang ceremony at Ikmal's in Teluk Intan. I didn't go there but Kak Husna, Kak Ida, Najwan & Norrish went. I wished to join them, but some things made me unable to. So, these are some pics taken from Najwan/Norrish.

Saya. Sangat. Cemburu.

To the cutest couple ever,

Kak Farhah & Ikmal

Semoga kekal bahagia ke akhir hayat.

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