04 Ogos 2009

saya yang kebosanan


i had a pretty boring and dull week. campus is somehow lengang gila mengalahkan time2 cuti sem. at least during sem break, there are also FYP student or last time still got a lot of PostGrad students before most of them moved outside and rent houses (atas sebab dihalau asrama konon nye x cukup bilik and nasib baik sy masih dpt duduk asrama.hehe).

H1N1 case is getting serious when they announced the 8th death, yesterday. This is quite serious compare to any other virus cases that we faced before. Lots of campuses and schools are closed due to many students caught fever. And USM Engineering campus is still closed until tomorow, 5th August 2009. Hopefully those student who had been quarantined for high fever before the campus was closed last week is getting better and can start their classes as usual.

Ok, now she has her own web? let's spam people! hahaha. gile jahat. sila abaikan. ;p

Oh! for those who follow me on Twitter, you might come across this:
Pardon my language. >_<

Yes. dah la mase Baiti sms-ed i was driving so agak riuh sikit dalam kereta (disebabkan sy sendiri). and sampai rumah keep on asking her on why were Shahrukh Khan and Rani Mukherjee in KL, for what etc. And she can't really talk on the phone pon sbb she in the middle of the dinner, as a press. Later she mms-ed SRK's pict yang kinda made me jump jump kat rumah sampai kene marah dengan mak sebab bising. haha. and then she called:

"....you owe me dinner, you know. i did not had my dinner so that i can take SRK pict for you. he's entertaining during the dinner. and i have a 7 minutes video of him bla bla bla...."

Told ya!! "and eventho she doesn't like Hindi movie, she can proudly say the 'Meh Tumsei Pyar Karti Hu' and always remember that i love Hindi movie." to be added, she remembers how i just love SRK! haha.

Nanim my sunshine (sambil menyanyi lagu You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey... ;p) ! u know i love you so much! ok ok i owe u dinner. later when i'm home and when i see you k. but don't forget to give me the video first or else no dinner. hehe.

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