25 Jan 2010

P-Grad Super Series 2010, Piala Prof Hanafi Ismail


Last Saturday, 23rd January 2010, there was a badminton tournament, P-Grad Super Series 2010 Piala Prof. Hanafi Ismail organized by School of Material & Mineral Resources Engineering Post Graduate Student Club (PGSC), USM.


The tournament started at 8am with registration of the participants from mostly all the schools in USM Engineering Campus – Civil, Chemical, EE & Mechanic - and from different races, as well as international students from Iran, Thailand and Vietnam.

2010_01_23_5841   2010_01_23_58872010_01_23_5959 Hamid & Faizal

2010_01_23_5900Nik Noriman & Kahar2010_01_23_5953kak Intan2010_01_23_59032010_01_23_59212010_01_23_5969

One of the emergency incident2010_01_23_59242010_01_23_6026Men Double – Winner 2010_01_23_6033 Group picture of participant with Prof. Hanafi Ismail & Dean of SMMRE, Prof. Ahmad Fauzi

2010_01_23_6034 The (not so) winner & the (real) winner :P

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