21 Jan 2010

Dansa by Sasha Bashir


Have you ever heard of Sasha Bashir?

Well, she might not be as famous as Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza the singer, or Maya Karin the actress. But I bet some of you might’ve came across her name before. She worked for Istana Budaya and performed in few theatres. She was the host for Explorace and she was one of the actress of “5 Jingga” drama.

I simply like her because she is a graduate from West Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Performing Arts. And this is because I love dancing especially traditional dance.

So she has this documentary of dances titled DANSA that was aired on TV3 earlier last year and re-aired on NTV7 (English version) by end of last year. And unfortunately i hadn’t had the chance to watch the show :( This is the very disadvantages of staying in the hostel, you know…


Anyway, few months ago, she launched her first book ever also by the titled DANSA. The book includes beautiful photographs of her during the shooting of DANSA episode taken by Aiemax/Fazari, Madehi and Jay Ismail. The photographs are including the different places she went, the costumes and the story of the dances.


(Picture courtesy of Sasha Bashir’s blog)

It is a hardcover with 200 pages, contains over 250 beautifully photographed moments during her journey of the documentary. There are also pictures taken behind-the-scenes while Sasha Bashir and the production crew travelled to 13 locations for the show including states in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Japan.


DANSA by Sasha Bashir is available in Malaysia bookstores for RM 130.


So here come the question…

who’s willing to get this for me….?


Pretty please….. >_<

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