6 Jan 2010

When the family gathers


I spend my New Year Eve on the train on my way back home and spend the 1st weekend of 2010 at home. Nice. ;)

On Jan 2nd, cousin Along organized a family lunch to celebrate her Mom & Dad‘s 30th anniversary. We had lunch at Khadijah’s Kitchen, PJ owned by one of Malaysian top singer Khadijah Ibrahim.


Along ordered quite a lot of dishes. Nak bagi pecah perut jugak la. But the food are nice. Kene dengan selera.

Some of the dishes…

2010_01_02_5600 Appetizer – Cucur udang & tofu goreng


Sambal udang & terung goreng cili

2010_01_02_5615 Sotong masak hitam. My all time favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sotong masak hitam is my favourite food an since i was very very small. :D bukan senang nak jumpa restaurant yg jual this tau. and i bet most of you never even try this, right? hehe

2010_01_02_5616 Bayam & tauhu goreng2010_01_02_5627

Kurma ayam

lagi ada asam pedas tenggiri & daging salai masak lemak.

2010_01_02_5618 the crew2010_01_02_5622 2010_01_02_5625  i just realize lately i buy a lot of plain black shirt/blouse2010_01_02_5643 2010_01_02_5655 the organizercousin Along

then after we finished eating the main course and chit chatting and camwhoring, then came the desserts…

2010_01_02_56582010_01_02_5659 bubur pulut hitam

and thank Along for this………………..2010_01_02_5660 ubi kayu rebus & sambal tumis yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

2010_01_02_5666 some of Kathy’s record.

to our luck, Kathy was there during our lunch gathering. she looks so gorgeous and beautiful for her age. and she is so friendly. just like when we saw her on TV or on stage.

2010_01_02_5668 mum used to work with Kathy’s sis-in-law (Latiff Ibrahim’s wife) 2010_01_02_5670 I cant stop capturing her pics. I want to look like her in my 40s.2010_01_02_5690  2010_01_02_5700

wall of fame


and there went my aunt & uncle’s anniversary lunch. thank you, Along!!


On Monday morning, while i was still lazily half-awake on my bed, my aunty (Ibu) woke me up, telling me that my uncle passed away in his sleep. I cancel my monday night ticket back to campus and stayed another night in KL, at my aunt's house in Cheras and got back to campus last night.

Al-fatihah..may he rest in peace…

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