10 Mei 2009

Mother's Day

Puan Rokiah binti Mohamad,

thank you....

for the nine months of carrying me to everywhere you go..
for the pain of delivering me ..
for the sleepless nights you spend to make sure i sleep well and doing fine..

for teaching me how to eat..
for teaching me how to drink..
for teaching me how to talk..
for teaching me how to walk..
for patiently teaching me all i need to know..

for giving me courage to face everything that i'm afraid of..
for supporting me for what i want to do and who i want to be..
for scolding me for my own good..
for blessing me for every steps i take..

for accepting me for who i am today..
for correcting me when i'm wrong..
for always being there for me when i need you to..

for being understanding..
for not pushing me to be the best, but motivates me to be so..
for all the hardness you've gone through..

and simply for being a mother who cares, father who provides, friend who listens, teacher who teaches, doctor who cures, lover who loves and a great travel companion. ;)

Happy Mother's Day

you mean the world to me.


6 ulasan:

  1. awww...so sweet!
    memories till today!
    happy mum's day! =D

  2. ohohoho..sedey plak aku bace...huuuu~~

  3. ur face from when u were small and now hasn't change much

  4. jalan penceritaan yang menarik. bagus!


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