27 Mei 2009

Twilight Saga : New Moon

I know that I am in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen, but these pack of wolf make my heart beats super fast!! ok, i know that this photo had been photoshop-ed to make it way better, but aren't they just too sexy and too tempting to resist?? Aaahhhh~ The hotties who's going to join Taylor are Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon.

So, instead of only Edward & Bella on the Twilight poster, they are now 3 - including Jacob - on the Twilight Saga: New Moon teaser poster. Eventho Edward's role is a bit antagonist in New Moon, i'll still love him no matter what.. =*

But i'm thinking, if they're going to stick with the Meyer's storyline in new Moon, wouldn't Edward's part be limited??? hurmmmm.....

10 ulasan:

  1. they should've put jacob front and center in the poster

  2. maybe bcoz he's already in the main poster?

    but i like the way jacob posed in the poster, like he's protecting bella from edward.

    eh? shouldn't i be backing up edward? huhu~

  3. isk..aku x au pape la..
    yg aku tau kau download, nnt aku nak copy je..wakakaka~

  4. reason perempuan tgk sebab lelaki dia hensem and muscular

  5. sis Mala,
    amboi2. mengade. pasni kene charge, ok.

    no, we watch twilight & the coming new moon because the novels are great, the storylines are different.

    the handsome+muscular+sexy things are bonus! ;p

  6. speaking of downloads... nak GG!

  7. i think it's the opposite u girls watch it because of the handsome guys and muscular and the great story line is an extra added bonus...

    ooo i forgot u even said sexy hahahahaha

  8. nads,
    tggu i balik yer. tp kalau tkt lmbt lg, ask naqi for it. ckp julia suh mintak. huhu

    but...we read the books 1st.
    so there's no way we would know which actors r going to b in movie when they first announce to film it. ;p

    plus..they ARE sexy. u cant deny it. hahaha

  9. winnnnnduuuuu sama lu...... lame giler x bukak blog kau... walaupaper pun pic aku tetap ada huhuhuhuhu... gembira rasanya... almaklum larr buzy jerr...

  10. alamakkkkk.... aku luper plak letak nama aku kat msj atas tadi


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