4 Mei 2009

You Know Me Well..?

lately, there are a lot of friends created the How Well Do You Know ___? test in FB. i would like to create one, too. but i remember that i have created one before like back in 2007 and had it posted in FS. before i create another not-so-tough Q's in the FB, would any of u like to try this out? =)

Create your own Friend Test here

to those yang dah try this - nads, eda, amie, nanim, fadilah - wait for the 2nd version of the How Well Do You Know Me? =D sila study hard and make sure u all score,ok.

p/s: x aci ok fadilah buat test ni 2 kali ;p

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  1. hanya mampu tempat kelima...heheh...5=5weeks...sesuai sgt2


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