22 Mei 2009

Muhammad Anwar!!

i know that he most probably doesn't read this blog. but still i wanna wish him..


he was one of my earliest friends in SAB back in form 1.
he used to be one of the popular guy in our batch.
mase form 1, 2, 3.. naik form 4, 5 dah x sangat kot. haha
he's funny, although sometimes he tend to be a 'lil idiotic. tetibe je lost bile tgh borak2.
but he's kind. and taken.
oh! he's the favorite guy among the girls' mums ok! not joking.
one thing about anwar, he will always be at my home on 1st Syawal every year (except last year sbb i was busy beraya), because we both tak ada kampung. ;p

i wish u all the best in life.
sila cepat2 kahwin dan dapat anak banyak2.
(pesanan yang sama di tujukan buat encik ahmad naqiuddin)
be good always.
hope to spend more and more time with u and d other!!
have a blast 24th birthday!!

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