3 Mac 2010

Designing my own tumbler

Since my coffee tumbler cracked quite badly a few weeks ago, I started to look for a new coffee tumbler but didn’t find anything that I like. Last 2 weeks when I was in KL, I went out with my sunshine, Baiti and then met with Sharmi and Eda at the Pavilion, I spotted a Starbucks coffee tumbler, which described by Baiti as "that tumbler really suits you lah. like, if i were to describe u as a tumbler, that would be it ".  I think my girlfriend knows me well.

It's the Starbucks Design Your Own Tumbler .  And yes, I really like it!

But unfortunately we went home without buying it. We were busy talking and totally forgot about it. Therefore, when i went back home again last week, I got myself that very particular tumbler. yayy! me likey!!

 DSC05891 DSC05893

So,I started to think of the first ever design i would like to have on my new tumbler. Most of my friend say that I might gonna just put my own photos on it. haha. Nice one, but not likely.

I’m thinking of something that suits me well. Then, something popped up in my mind. Yesss! Got what I need. I know that who knows me well will immediately know the coffee tumbler is mine with this design. :)

Presenting my first ever design for my Starbucks Design Your Own Tumbler….. *drum rolls*



It’s the Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, and the background is blue in colour. What other perfect combination could it be to represent me, Julia. Right, dear friends? heee~

p/s: Is it acceptable to include this new tumbler in my list of Powerpuff Girls collection? haha

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