16 Mac 2010

My very own Powerpuff Girls..


I might have updated this on my live blog, but i don’t care, I’m updating it again here. :P


Friday, 12.03.10

My lovely Buttercup, Siti Noorzidah Mohd Sabri is finally married to the man of her life, Wan Hassanol Bolkiah. The akad was said by Abg Wan after the Asar prayer at Masjid AlJamiul Makmur, Kulim Kedah. My best friend plus ex-roommate is now officially taken! Congratulations, Zyd & Abg Wan! :D

DSC05939Isn’t she lovely..? :’)DSC05943So honoured to be the one to drive my Buttercup to the mosque. 

DSC05938She’s so happy!! I’m so happy for you too!!

The next day was the reception ceremony.

DSC05952 After years of waiting.. Alhamdulillah~ DSC05955  

(I went back home on Saturday night to attend another wedding in Kuala Lumpur, but that’s a whole different story.)


Monday, 15.0310

My dearie Blossom, Nurul Akma Ruhani is engaged to her sweetheart, Ecam, held in her hometown in Tanah Merah, Kelantan, which I didnt attend. Uyu, so sorry that I couldn’t make it, thanks to the 2nd year lab that I need to conduct. –_-“ btw, you look beautiful and I’m happy for you ;) And thanks for the mms. Congratulations, Uyu & Ecam! :D

15032010_026_Uyu & Ecam



There goes the story of my very own Buttercup & Blossom……. 6452_115141478043_575488043_2275786_1469410_n 2nd year. 2005. Convex, USM Main Campus. 



your very own Bubbles.

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